Nawaz directs FM to prepare strategy for peace dialogue with India



Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has stressed on having cordial relations with all neighbouring countries, including Afghanistan, Iranand India.

He also directed the Foreign Office to formulate a strategy for a comprehensive dialogue with India.

Sharif shared his vision of having a positive environment in the region and gave specific directions to deal with different areas during his visit to the FO to get an in-depth briefing on foreign policy.

According to the Daily Times, he also emphasised on the promotion of trade and pursuit of economic diplomacy.

He also called for pursuing policies that will help strengthen Pakistan’s relations with neighbouring countries, advance national development goals and enhance the country’s international stature, the report added.


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    Abuse Musharraf, abuse Musharraf, abuse Musharraf and keep doing it, then go and kiss the hinds of Hindus in Hindu-stan. Say Ram Ram, I dont mean ram ram, as it is the Hindus who will ram it to us, with you in power, we are going to be rammed and rammed hard. Then you will run and go to Saudi to your new palace and your father’s house, the UK; Slight difference between you and others before you is that you are starting to say Ram Ram; and Om hari Om; whereas before you came to power it was Shalom Shalom;

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    Finally a politician who has the courage to talk about peace with Pakistans neighbor…it is clear the hate mongers do not want to see a peaceful outcome and will try to drag their country down with more hate speech about India but it good to see the leadership understands that the hate filled Islamist do not offer any good ideas for the future and just continue to spew out the stink of past racial hatred…

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    Learn from history, friendship with India requires a backup plan – the Cha Nakya politics of India always have double meaning.

    India seeks a Greater Bharat and this means to annex Pakistan and angladesh, with some twisted fools from the right wing Hind faith have their eyes set on Afghanistan
    and as far as Middle Est and the whole of SE Asia.

    I know “not possible” but this is their strategic thought and certainly to maintain the open air prisons in Kashmir for Kashmiris and displace the sons of the Indus with dirty Ganges people and their twisted rituals in Kashmir.

    A simple example who “they” the sons of the Ganges are and who “we” the sons of The Indus are.

    A 6ft tall Afzal Khan a viceroy to a great leader Aurangzaib invited the bandit, outlaw and terrorist Siva for reconciliation. Siva a two bit bandit half the size and man that Afzal Khan was agrees to meet but only if both men are unarmed.

    Afzal Khan agrees and as he meets Siva and greets him like a brother cusotmary of the Muslims and people West of The Indus by embracing him like a brother. Siva takes a dagger to Afzal Khan’s back and kills him in cold blood like a coward.

    We know these cowards strike from the back as they did in 1948 in Kashmir and 1965 when they launched an offensive on Pakistan unannounced and the cowardly way they stabbed Pakistan in the back in 1971. In 1979 they invited and supported the Soviet invasion and rape of Afghanistan and ensured that the Soviets and Indians would meet each other in Pakistan and yes Pakistan was the end game.

    In 1984 the same coward nation stole siachen and Kargill from Pakistan. In 1999 they declared that they will annihilate Pakistan with their nukes and made Kashmir their staging ground to begin an offensive on Pakistan with the blood of innocent Kashmiris in their hundred and thousands.

    They then supported the Neocons at every opportunity aligned to Israel seeking the destruction of Pakistan under the War on Terror.

    Under the guise of refugees from Afghanistan, Indian assets from the days of the Northern Alliance and from the Panjshir valley entered Pakistan loyal to Indian plans to carve up Khyber and Pakthunkwa and Balochistan this time more deadlier than ever with support from the USA and ISAF with sanctuary inside Afghanistan for blazen attacks
    inside Pakistan.

    They armed Jundullah to create a rift between Iran and Pakistan opening Pakistan to attack from every side and when Pakistanis were bieng murdered and massacred by this fiendish plan they sat back and rejoiced. I came across many xenophobic Indians on the internet rejoicing and calling for our implosion.

    Testimony to the people of Pakistan and not the cowardly leaders of Pakistan. Testimony to the proud and powerful intelligence and army we as a nation and people remained united and strong otherwise would have suffered a worse fate than Syria and Libya and our sisters today would be dishonoured across every Indian city.

    Do Pakistanis forget so easily?

    How can this man who is responsible for alot of wrongs be trusted again to sink Pakistan to a new low after the jackal Zardari.

    Musharraf did many rights too but his wrongs were out of desperation yet this nation refuses to forgive him and have forgiven the thief from Lahore.

    Shame on Pakistan and shame on all who ahve re-elected another failed leader.

    We had an opportunity and we drowned it in the Indus yet again.

    Paksitanis are a hard working and tenacious people but are suffering with feudal politics and it is a plague like cancer that has derailed it’s glorious and just revolution.

    Watch this creting make a mockery out of every hard working Pakistani and walk over the blood of innocent Kashmiris.

    Unless he has a backup plan and history shows us this man never has one other than cut and run and it makes me feel sick.

    Shame on all of you who, who have allowed another thief to take the mantle of fortress Pakistan – Tayyib-e-Madinah in Arabic.

    How many corrupt Politicians and massacres of Pakistanis will it take for ALL Pakistanis to wake up.

    Or does it take the dishonouring of your daughters or sisters for you to wake up.

    Shame on Pakistanis who elected and support this man, shame, shame, shame.

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      But mommy when does the tooth fairy come in your story?? 🙂

      LOL… You are bashing the majority of pakistanis who voted him to power..

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    A rigged election and damn the ones who did vote him to power, they need to wake up.

    RE: Tooth fairy well this is not mahabharat chronicles so no need for it.

    All factual.

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