Naval Power + Maritime Power = Sea Power

Pakistan’s strongest weapon is the weapon of sea denial and area access against the Indian Navy. Sea denial weapons should be the focus of Pakistan Navy, as it will make it harder for any fleet to enter Pakistan’s naval redlines.

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Today is a historic day for Pakistan, doubly so for those of us in the Navy. The Dominion of Pakistan has come into being and with it, a new Navy – the Royal Pakistan Navy – has been born. I am proud to have been appointed to command it and serve with you at this time. In the coming months, it will be my duty and yours to build up our Navy into a happy and efficient force.

– Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, addressing the Naval Academy in March 1948

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah laid the foundation of the Navy, with a will to install it as a formidable force. Pakistan, from its inception, focused heavily on the Army, and then the Air Force, and the third place was for the Navy. Even today, this trend continues. Our naval infrastructure, coastal areas and cities and port cities received very low attention from the leaders; whether it was dictatorships or civilian governments, no strategy existed to develop Pakistan’s coastal area and ports on the model of international and successful ports. No port city or coastal area in the world changed overnight or in years; it needs decades to claim the status of being a successful port, because a permanent focus on these areas can change the fate of these vital areas. Pakistan is blessed with the most vital coastal line in the entire region, and its strategic location needs a very efficient navy – not just a repulsive force, but also a force which is able to warn any aggressor that if they cross Pakistan’s naval redline, they will be punished. Pakistan, as compared to another country and a rival, India, has a small coastal line, and Pakistan can develop this area with a continuous planning and strategy.

Pakistan’s 90% trade is sea borne, and for this, Pakistan also maintains its merchant fleet. Pakistan in 1971 lost its entire merchant fleet, and a huge portion of its naval fleet was lost in naval encounter with India. Pakistan’s Navy also lost two thousand lives in that encounter. Losing a fleet and this amount of destruction alarmed Pakistani naval experts, and they – after this – focused on ports and bases other than Karachi; because the entire Pakistani fleet was present in Karachi, and it was easy for India to impose a blockade and even a planned attack to destroy Pakistan’s naval fleets entirely, leaving Pakistan vulnerable from the coast. And this, till date, remained an option for Indian naval experts. Pakistan Navy’s strategy, to develop other naval bases such as the Jinnah Naval Base in Ormara, and installing coastal radar stations like PNS Ahsan at Ormara, away from the Karachi Naval HQ, give Pakistan’s naval fleet an upper hand in any conflict with India. The Indian naval fleet was traditionally made for Karachi Port blockade, but now there are other naval bases and planned stations of sea denial weapons. All these developments changed the Indian strategy of blockading Karachi; because at Jinnah Naval Base, eight warships and four submarines can sleep in their berths, far away from any blockading force, and can prepare an attack on the invading fleet. But the port at Ormara is still undeveloped. Pakistan must fully develop this port, and keep it in line with the other ports in this direction which are out of Indian access, and divert the main portion of Pakistani merchant fleet away from Karachi. This will help in the development of these undeveloped ports, and will also attract business from the entire region, and the merchant fleet will be away from Indian assault in case of hostility.

The Karachi port is the only trade port of Pakistan, but still, it is not developed and treated, as the international ports are generating billions in trade. Each year, the World Shipping Council issues rankings of the world’s top 50 container ports on the basis of the business they generate. There is no Pakistani port in the top 50. But one Indian port, the Jawaharlal Nehru Port is included, regularly fluctuating among the top 30. According to SEA NEWS Turkey’s ranking of the world’s top 100 container ports, Karachi stood at 87. With such a vital coastal line, we have no fully developed port till date. Karachi is still the only port of Pakistan to bear the burden of the entire trade, and is not fully developed to generate a business, that can fuel the national economy.

Pakistan’s Naval Headquarter is located in Karachi. Karachi is an important strategic port and naval base of Pakistan. Karachi’s naval base and port have many islands, these islands are natural unsinkable aircraft carriers for Pakistan Navy; if developed completely like an USAC, this structure can dismantle any move to impose a blockade on Pakistan SLOCs. Pakistan Navy needs to employ the concept of unsinkable aircraft carrier, in small islands, and further develop these islands to serve as unsinkable aircraft carriers. It will serve two functions – one, the presence of such bases away from shores and in the middle of the sea will pose a major threat to any hostile moving vessel in the sea, and on the other hand, it will safeguard Pakistan’s vital sea lanes far away from its shores. The concept of unsinkable aircraft carrier is not new and is implemented by the USA in Guam, from where it can keep a check on any threat to its interests in the region.

Pakistan also has other coastal areas like Ormara where it can implement this concept of unsinkable aircraft carrier. Modern day Ormara is a small town with a strong presence of Pakistan Navy; Jinnah Naval Base and PNS Ahsan. Ormara has been chosen for Jinnah Naval Base as an alternative in case Karachi Port comes under siege due to its strategic location. The distinguishing feature of Ormara is the presence of a plateau which cuts into the Arabian Sea to form a 1,575 feet high peninsula. This feature of Ormara makes it a suitable place for the implementation of such a concept. Ormara has a port which is still undeveloped and needs focus, because if developed fully, it will serve as an active port of the country; located in a very important area, it serves Pakistan’s merchant fleet with calm, away from any threat. Further deep, we have Pasni, which is also not a developed port but has an active naval base PNS Makran; it is a naval air station. It is one of the two active Naval Air Arm’s bases (the other one being PNS Mehran). Gwadar is located in a strategic location, being the world’s largest deep seaport, and is under Chinese supervision, and is under development from September 2013. The Chinese naval presence will be vital for Pakistan. This port is selected by China for development because it is their shortest route to the Arabian Sea. Jiwani port is located along the Gulf of Oman, 80 km east of Gwadar, and is a vital port for Pakistan; it is believed that it will get a boost in concert with Gwadar development.

Pakistan’s coastline is connected through Makran Coastal Highway, and needs further development. These developments will not only boost Pakistan economically, but will also provide the basis for Pakistan’s naval modernization.

There is another vital force which is developed and can defend Pakistan’s coast and its ports from any aggressor, and that is our vibrant submarine fleet, Pakistan Navy is the only navy in the Indian Ocean region to have AIP – submarines Air Independent Propulsion. Submarines are an aggressive command of Pakistan Navy, with their primary mission including the commencing of peaceful engagement, surveillance and intelligence management, special operations, precision strikes, battle group operations and the control of Pakistan’s border seas. The submarine command also takes responsibility to protect the country’s sea lanes of communication as well as to protect the economic interests, foreign trade and development of the country. Pakistan must also focus on expanding its submarine fleet, rather than thinking about leasing a nuclear submarine, because Pakistani submarine force is more powerful than India’s, is capable of blowing the Indian fleet from the depth.

All these efforts will boost Pakistan’s strategy of sea denial; Pakistan’s strongest weapon is the weapon of sea denial and area access against the Indian Navy. Sea denial weapons should be the focus of Pakistan Navy, as it will make it harder for any fleet to enter Pakistan’s naval redlines. The heart of this strategy must be Karachi, the first pearl in Pakistan’s string of pearls should be Karachi, and then other islands and structures like Ormara hammerhead should be equipped with state-of-the-art sea denial weapons, so that no Indian vessel might try to engage with a Pakistani vessel.

It will warn Indian naval experts that movement towards attacking the Pakistani fleet will reduce the Indian fleet in size and capability. All these advancements must be followed by further expansions like aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines; but not devising and implementing sea denial strategy, not diverting our merchant fleet away from Karachi, ignoring the potential of unsinkable aircraft carriers, and ignoring the developments of these ports will make both the Pakistani fleets vulnerable for decades.

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  1. Waqas Jan sounds more like a motivating writer for Pakistani laymen than a strategic writer. Without knowing the strengths of Indian navy, Pakistan is living in denial in its quest for sea denial. There is no mention of India’s presence in Chabahar port. Mumbai and Chabahar complete the total naval blockade of Pakistan. India’s merchant marine strength is more than 35 times that of Pakistan. The difference between Indian navy and Pakistani Navy is that the latter is confined to protecting its 1000 kms long coast line while Indian navy has its role from Somalian waters to South China Sea.

    • Mr Aseem, how u can, include Chahbahar in blockade concept, r u mad, or u have no strategic sense, Chahbhar and Blockae, sounds funny. i knw u have no details, and explanation fr thix, that how u can blockade Pakistan from Chahbahar, in presence of Pak China naval presence, and, according to strategic and militry science definition, Blockade is an act of war, and Iran will not declare war on Pakistan for hindu pandits. whn u seee indian coast its vunrable, while Pakistani coast is small, as compared to India, and is well guarded as compared to, India bt there is need and urgent and planned need for improvemnet, nd fr this Ormara like structures must get shape of unsinkable aircraft carriers, once Pakistani mechant fllet travel away from India, and thn Karachi will work like scissor fr Indian Naval Fleet. Dont be fool to, mention, numbers and strenth, in percentage, study naval wars of 1812 and world war II uboats, vs English navy, and US navy, u will get answer fr that. India naval, equipemnt at this momnt need overhaul, while Pakistani navy at ths momnt is full blown war machine. Study article well, i thnk u missed few paras. after chabahr India is in blockade scenario. look at the map,

  2. Thanks Mr. Jan. I suggest please check with naval strategists how prolonged presence in Chabahar will work for India. I am not talking of a peace time situation but during the event of war. Mere presence of INS Vikramaditya 1000 miles off Pakistan coast can stop ship movements in and out of Pak harbours and no warship or submarine can come in its vicinity. Without firing a single torpedo Pakistan’s entire sea trade can be blocked. How sub marines and warships tackle each other is a very small thing.
    I am sure you would be aware that India’s war strategies are designed for tackling Pak and China together and that means a very very prolonged war. I would really appreciate, if you write your articles keeping in mind India’s military strategies than mere theoretical assumtions and battle plans.

    • @Aseem if the india navy is as good as you say why couldnt they prevent 10 lightly armed men who sailed in inflatable power boats to mumbai bay and created what is 28/11. They could have stopped all the havoc that was caused.

      • Its like asking a tiger, how could the mosquito bite him … USA is the biggest military power on earth then how could 9/11 happen and then Boston bombings?

        Well, you can take Mumbai attack as one of the biggest achievements of Pakistan Army.

        • @aseem well i was hoping you would see the cynicism in my comment as if 10 people lightly armed in inflatable boats can set sail from Karachi and arrive in mumbai evade its navy, merchant sailors, fisherman and general public and yes handful of terrorists can completely disable all of america’s security defense (Norad) and crash into two buildings like professional acrobatic pilots!

  3. Ass seem,

    I am also sure your aware of Pakistan’s tactical nukes plutonium grade, smaller and agile and can be launched from our frigates across Indian Coast then what prey is an Indian revamped old Russian carrier.

    Such a war will also be a declaration of war on China too.

  4. A navy with a marvellous peace time record of loosing ships and submarines in accidents has to do a lot better in war time, before it can even think of disrupting Pakistan’s trade life line. No doubt that the Indian navy is powerful, however,military assets are not the only factors in the overall matrix. International scenario has changed a lot in recent years and an attempted naval blockade of Pakistani ports will surely come with a very high price.

  5. Its appalling to know that strategists in Pakistan still think of war and battles as options. And please, nukes are not for battles but for deterrents. So no point talking about tacticle nukes etc. Just remember, if you drop one nuke bomb on India, you will be wiped out of the world map… nuking option is like suicide bombing for Pakistan. Today wars are over without even starting it. A section of planners in India wanted to bomb terrorist training camps in Pakistan but see what happenned, Indian strategists made Pakistan do it for India. This is called wining a war without fighting.
    These days military personnel and equipments are more or less same, what differentiate is the strategy, diplomacy and economics. Ability is not that you have 1 million army and we have 3 million but how much a country can choke other economically… the one who can hold its breath longer will survive and will eventually be the winner.
    China has no guts to acquire Taiwan and nor the Arab world can do a thing for Israel.

    • @Aseem Your comments as always is missing the point when we talk about smaller tactical nukes you said it correctly they are for deterrent india will think twice for exactly that reason in cornering Pakistan if that threat is given to them. And what always makes me laugh is indians always using phrases like Pakistan will be “wiped out” Pakistan will be “destroyed” BUT india will “survive” and india will “absorb”, first of all Pakistan has enough nukes to wipe india off too and Pakistan has and has tested second strike capability and since so it can survive a nuclear attack and has tested that option but neither one of us has faced the scenario neither can say what will happen and who will survive so enough of the wishful thinking!

      p.s Taiwan is no threat to china hence no need to occupy it and Arabs as you said correctly can do a thing to israel but each time they get close they are brought out. Egypt was given an entire new fleet of planes and 1.5 billion a year if it didnt fight Israel after the ’73 war.

      • Alicaan, If you have the nuke, you have it. Period. That means no country is going to attack you. But your defence planners seem to be occupied planning battles with nuclear weapons. The fact is that nukes will be used when you find that defeat is imminent and its the do and die situation. And what we often hear from Pakistan is this defeatist attitude talking of nuclear war. Its very ignorant of you people to not know India’s ability in Anti nuke missile system that destroys the nukes in the air. You can assume anything and be happy.
        I again say that being battle ready is fine but the wars will not be fought in conventional ways anymore unless a country is hell bent upon committing suicide like Saddam, Gaddafi, osama, taliban etc. Just see how America and Iran are fighting… putting pressure, escalating tensions, holding the nerves, give & take and defusing crisis… this is how most wars will be fought in future.
        Being an Indian visitor to Pak websites, i always get an impression that you guys carry a deep rooted hatred for India, there is a fear psychosis and there is a war waiting to happen. I just hope that some day your nationalism wont need Indian crutches and walk on its own.

  6. In peace time, neither India nor Pakistan is going to touch each others Navy, Port and Merchant vessels. However, in case of a deemed/declared war, (especially the so frequently quoted tactical plutonium grade nukes, which can be launched for short distances), even in worst case scenario, India will absorb the hit, but the response will be – extremely, very, very severe. The entire Pakistani Naval Force will be wiped out – there will be counter nukes destroying Punjab permanently. Pakistan will no longer exist. The remaining ex-Pakistanis would still be able to do business at least with Middle East via Shia-Iran using Camels. Effectively, Pakistan would be starring back at 500 AD. India’s response will be so quick, without waiting for or giving time for the international community to intervene. Certainly peace is better than war.

      • @Alicaan: I thought at least you would do some business using camels. Now I understand you don’t want to do that even! What I meant is that you won’t be having any means of bringing in Oil & Gas into Pakistan, once your Sea-Ports, Merchant Ships, Navy are destroyed. You will have nothing left excepting Camels and Donkeys. I was gracious enough NOT to use the word “Donkey”. Now I understand that you deserve that only.

  7. @Aseem First of all if you think Pakistan relies heavily on its nukes at the behest of other aspects of its miliatry then your sadly mistaken, Pakistan is increasing its navy, always improving its military and aqcuring and improving new hardware and technologies the latest three Azme e Nau exercises is a good example of this where planning and strategies were used that didnt involve ANY nuclear weapons.

    Secondly Pakistan is a smaller country and smaller still militarily and indians have a habit of using jargons like Pakistan “needs to be taught a lesson” and “we will wipe of the map…” and its development of Cold Start strategy, in these cases india needs to be reminded of our nuclear deterrent thats how smaller armies even the balance how is that a defeatist attitude? india needs to be constantly reminded when it makes these ridiculous statements and our nuclear programme is in place and fully opertaional and that fact that YOU are constantly mentioning our nukes seems to mean it is working.

    • All these you mentioned in para 1 is again nothing but being battle ready, which any army has to be ready all the time. what i say is that future wars will not be fought thru military battles but thru diplomacy and economics.

      Why indians talk of teaching pakistan a lesson is not for anything but your involvement in and encouragement of terrorism. world knows that you are a breeding ground of terrorists and like the US taught a lesson to Al qaida, a section of indians demands similar surgical action against LeT, Jamat-ud-dawa and other such organizations. But as majority of us believe that if by diplomacy we can make Pakistan take action against terrorists then why should we dirty our hands. we hope that you soon would realize that abetting terrorism would boomerang on you.

      why we say pakistan will be wiped out is due to the fact that india can choke you to death in a prolonged war. can you imagine how the next full fledged war would be????
      1. complete naval blockade of pakistan not allowing any merchant vessels in and out of its waters.
      2. disabling all pakistani satelites thereby choking communication network.
      3. massive diplomatic exercise that would make china, afghanistan, iran and other countries to keep off.
      4. extensive use of anti nuke missile system to disable any nuke attacks due to frustration.

      there wont be a single gun or missile fire from indian side as it would wait to see how long you can resist. i would love to hear from your strategiests if they have ever imagined about india’s strategy in the region which every layman in india knows. Rather i only get to see the pakistanis talking about missile and fighter air craft comparisons between india and pakistan. you guys only seem to focus your strategy on cutting a pawn here and cutting a knight there.

      I would appreciate if janab Waqas Jan or mohtarma aneela, write about countering the 4 points mentioned above. and please dont write my f-16s will bombard all indian warships and my missiles will destroy indian cities. hope you are getting the point, then only it would be worthwhile to read articles on your websites.

      • @aseem again its more wishful thinking i very much doubt that india will be able to sustain a long drawn out war too, that would mean spending huge amounts of money and india will lose economically and lose economic ground it worked so hard to gain. your four points are just indian flattery, China has said repeatedly that an attack on Pakistan is an attack on china so i dont know how india will keep china off diplomatically, a naval blockade is again impossible and its mentioned in my other messages and the article so i dont want to repeat myself and youve mentioned anti nuclear technology twice now i ignored it the first time but you really dont know what your talking about first read up on this issue before making childish comments, no one not even america has perfected anti nuclear technology infact its one of the fallacies of modern era Russia has said its impossible to ever have anti nuclear defense and india are atleast three decades away in producing even the most rudimentary shield so i really dont know what you’re talking about.

        America has invested heavily ( 100s of billions) in its “star wars project” and its still not operational and when it is it wont be able to resist multiple attacks at once so its real worth is minimizing damage Not total defence you idnians shouldnt even be talking about it as your decades away and your ballistic and cruise missiles are not all fully operational yet so please enough of this talk.

        • Surgical Strikes!!! what are they feeding you india, india can never do surgical strikes in Pakistan we will have you for breakfast this is again wishful thinking and a bigger country taking advantage of its smaller neighbour but bigger is not always better and and they fall harder too you really are talking rubbish now. india is also supporting terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan why has india 8 consulates all along the afghan border with Pakistan?? i doubt they’re giving visas to afghans and Pakistan has complained many times that india is supporting insurgency in Baluchistan and you should be very afraid of this boomeranging too.

          Infact india has supported terrorism with all its neighbors first the mukti bahanis in Bangladesh, the tamil tigers in Sri Lanka the srilankans to this day say it was india’s fault for its 30 year civil war, Bhutan has asked india to stop meddling in there affairs as have Nepal infact all of indias neighbors hate her and not to mention the nexalites who have extended to 18 states now. YOU really need to consider why and who is really fanning the flames of terrorism!

          • Have you forgotten the surgery that amputed you in 1971? Who stops you from having 16 consulates in Afghanistan? Baluch insurgency is not the creation of India but it started ever since Pakistan attacked it in 1947. India would have loved to have a balochistan as a buffer state beteen india and pakistan but it does not share borders with us so it does not serve our purpose.
            Calling Mukti Bahini terrorists is like calling whole of Bangladesh terrorists. Indian govt never supported tamil tigers and in fact supported Lankan govt to fight LTTE. Nepal, Bhutan, bangladesh are all independent countries and we respect their sovereignty. There is no border dispute with any of them. In fact our borders with nepal and Bhutan are open and no passport/visa or any permit is required to visit each other’s countries. India and China hve not let their border issues come in the way of doing business.
            Khalistan problem no longer exists, after pakistan stopped infiltrating terrorists in Kashmir, its peaceful and thriving. Insurgency in Assam and north eastern states are over thanks to the cooperation from Bangladesh. Naxalites are not asking for any separate nation and they are more like bandits living in dense forest.
            India is a democracy and there will always be differences of opinions.

        • Please visit and you will see the quality of the articles and how self critical they are unlike your articles which is self eulogising. you will get a sense of hows indian strategy shaping up.
          your assumptions about china coming to your rescue and many other things would be part of indian strategy.I dont need to tell you nor do i know about the details of the strategy but those main points are for anyone to guess. US star wars was a completely different thing and disabling and destroying satellites thru laser and other things have never been questioned by any space power. Also, India would never fight a battle thats not planned by it whatsoever be the provocation… be it parliament attack, mumbai attack or chinese playing kabaddi in ladakh and arunachal.
          I again say that indian war strategiests would ensure that a war is imposed without firing a bullet or before that its won diplomatically. Please tell me why Pakistan is dismantling terrorist network that was to work against India? Why do you feel that you are losing out your muslim neighbours like Shia Iran and even Sunni Afghanistan who are allying with India? How china will take it when a full fledged Islamic revolt occurs in Uyghur? Diplomacy is not just making an emotional speech in OIC.

  8. @aseem your knowledge of the geo politics is extremely weak. Its not this site that is self eulogising but you, its you that is underestimating our ability ive said this before but you like going in circles because you have no argument or clear solution.

    We are not losing our muslim neighbors what are you on about weve signed a deal with Iran on the gas pipeline amongst other things when everyone opted out, the karzai government is calling Pakistan brothers and so will the Taliban when they come back into power. Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa openely blasted india for its support of tamil terrorists and Nepal and Bhutan have also openly lamented india for its interference and lets not mention China and Pakistan. The nexalites are growing if you cant see that as most indians cant you have a big problem and also Kashmir is hotting up again aswell as the khalistan movement india has beefing up its military in kashmir why would they do this if everything was ok!

    its not us that is losing our neighbours but YOU! that why Sri Lanka is giving China access to its ports Nepal its borders and so is Bangladesh cosying with china and yet india has nefarious plans in afghanistan why?

    your clearly india centric but you need to get your head out of whatever you got it under and see that the whole area does not revolve around india. india will have more to lose than all its neighbours if there is a war where as you put it not a single bullet is fired???!!! (wishful thinking again)

    • A Punjabi sikh is India’s Prime Minister for 10 years. Sikhs in India are the richest community. When a sikh can rule all of India, why someone should ask for Khalistan. Khalistan today is confined in the minds of a handful of canadian sikhs and ISI officers. Naxalites are not separatists, they can be compared with Taliban in Pakistan but the danger is not as comparable with Taliban. In kashmir when terrorists are unable to sneak into indian territory from pakistan side, there is peace. Local kashmiris are not into violence nor against Indian Army rather their way of protest against the govt. is to come out on streets. hurling bombs and shootings are done by pak trained terrorists. Everyone knows when taliban and al qaida terrorists are free they enter india and the kashmir hots up like in the 1990s but right now they are targetting pakistan and hence Kashmir is peaceful. period.

      I support the Srilankan defence secretary for no one in india supports tamil terrorists in lanka except a handful tamil politicians who have no other issues to fight elections. Moreover, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar etc are independent nations and are free to pursue an independent foreign policy. Why should they be under indian hegemony? We dont support such things. In fact, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and India all are threatened by chinese land encroachments. Only Pakistan does not have a problem because it gave away the Sakshgam Valley to china out of fear and due to the fact it was Indian territory that they gave.

      India do lot of business with its neighbours including china but not with pakistan. We do more business with Iran that you do. India always have good relations with neighbours when they have democracy and stability so its in india’s interest that nepal, bhutan, SL, BD have democratic and stable governments because then their petty politicians dont blame india for their internal problems. And if India does billions of dollars of business with china then why should not SL, BD and Nepal do business with china? Only a Pakistani can think that Afghanistan should have no business with India. Karzai calls you brothers but he is one pashtun, unlike talibans, who is taking along all ethnicities like Tajiks, Ujbeks, Shias and even Talibans. But Pakistan will have problem with him. To the luck of Afghans all the presidential contenders for 2014 are like Karzai only and Taliban is out of picture. Unfortunately this saddens Pakistan.

      • @aseem there you go again going around in circles your self denial is nauseating and your analysis is naive at best. The reason why the khalistan movement is strong is because of the fear of RSS BJP narendhar modi coming into power its got nothing to do with the ISI you conspiracy nut. they will burn alive the minorities in india. Your comment is laughable at best and you have nothing new to add you are either in self denial or spreading disinformation.

        • your statement is laughable. in fact, you know in your heart that what i have written is true but your nationalism is coming in your way to accept it. what i have mentioned above cn not be refuted with facts but only byrhetoric.

          for your info, AKALI DAL, supposed to be the party of sikhs, has alliance with BJP and has already supported Narendra Modi’s candidature for prime ministership in the coming elections. Khalistan problem got finished when india fenced the border with pakistan.

          This is a fact that most muslims and many other secular minded people dont support Modi but there wont be any issues even if he becomes PM of India. After all, India is a democracy. BJP is ruling in many states in India, there is no communal problem there. Communal tensions are mostly created by politicians for securing vote banks, however, with the rise of Aam Aadmi Party, we all look forward to a better political atmosphere in India.

          • @aseem i really dont care for extremists i guess there are extremist sikhs and it doesnt surprise that they are linked to the hindu terrorist modi all extremists stick together but you need to go on youtube and see the strong re-birth of the khalistan movemenet its not ME in denial but you and its YOUR nationalism that is coming in the way if you cant see the fact that you need 700 000 troops in Kashmir to keep hold of it, the communists nexalites on the increase and all minorities running away because of the bjp rss butcher of Gujarat modi coming into power then you are in more of a denial that i thought and the reason that you come on this site is to show your extreme hatred for minorities, Pakistan and Muslims your day will come!

  9. Prior to independence British are robbed pakistan,india& bangladesh now politicians .Both are ruling the country by divide and rule.Common peoples are fools and they suffered himself.If divide and rule not happened country will not divived into 3 parts.Our country will be the strongest country in the world.

    • @alicaan! Rebirth on youtube? thats why i said khalistan now lies in the heads of a few canadians only and no one on the ground in Indian Punjab. You are linking sikh terrorists with Hindu terrorists, tomorrow you will link Taliban and Islamic terrorists with RSS and Hindu extremeists…. I dont even feel like laughing.

      Regarding Indian troops in Kashmir, first of all India never discloses number of troops deployment. 2. Indian Army’s Northern Command is headquartered in J&K. 3.Kashmir has line of control and not international border so border security in Kashmir is Army’s job and not para military’s. 4. India faces hostile forces of China and Pakistan on 3 sides of Kashmir West, North and East. 5. Pakistan has not been respecting even LoC, we saw your troops occupying indin territory in 1999. Given these reasons do you assume that india will not keep its troops in Kashmir but elsewhere? Troop is deployed based on threat perceptions. Arunachal Pradesh is absolutely peaceful but India is going to deploy another 80,000 newly raised soldiers there becoz china is flexing its muscles there.

      And let me tell you muslims or other minorities in india are not scared of Modi and no one is running away. I dont hate anyone including you and other Pakistanis. Why should I? I just wish religious extremism from all religions vanishes from the earth. I wish Pakistan & India & BD progress economically and advance socially. I wish you realize there is no point having enmity with India.

      @Ameer Khan, I fully agree with you. Moghuls and Muslim rulers made India their home but the british plundered us. Once they left our politicians have looted us and are still looting us. Its they who divide us on caste and communal lines to remain in power. If India was not divided in 1947, we would be strongest country in the world and there would not be any communal tension because in india, the communal riots are mainly due to ill will created before and during the partition time. No one in the world had any issue with Khilafat movement over Turkey but only in India the riots happenned because British wanted to divide indians and rule and unfortunately they succeeded in creting the divide.

      • @aseem if you are sincere then you need to speak out against hindu terrorists and state sponsored terrorism that india is exporting to countries like Pakistan and sri lanka, you neeed to make more indians aware if you are sincere its time to prove that you are not like all the other indians!

  10. Well, I am an Indian so I am very much like all other fellow Indians and I dont have to prove anything to anyone. As regards to hindu terrorists perhaps you are not aware about “Anandmargis” the first hindu organization that was kept under security lenses. The people behind Samjhauta Express Blasts are kept behind bars without a single day of parole ever since they were arrested 7-8 years ago.

    Regarding exporting terrorism to Pakistan…. we have better things to export if you are willing to do business. Never heard there are any hindu terroists in Pakistan. And do you think India will create muslim terrorists to bomb muslims in Pakistan? Please have some common sense. I know you guys are not so low on IQ. As far Lanka is concerned, indian people were never bothered about it except a few indian tamils. It was never in India’s interest to have a separate independent Tamil Land in Lanka. It was IPKF that fought on behalf of Sri Lanka against LTTE and broke its backbone and later helped SL to decimate it. Rajiv Gandhi was killed by LTTE.

    The world knows you created Taliban and US supported it. Later it became frankenstein and like a parrot you blame it on india. You had hidden Osama bin Laden in your back yard. your army give firing cover on border so that terrorists could sneak into India and create trouble. Do you realize when India fenced its borders, rarely there are any terrorist incidents. Its high time you realize that peace is better.

  11. In pok pakistan giving the training to terrorists to fight with india .Pakistani army not possible to win with india. Pakistan is under control of USA.America is killing pakitanis in there own country

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