Narendra Modi’s ‘proxy-war’ allegations baseless: FO



Armed Forces remain ready to defend the country’s borders, the FO spokesperson said. 

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – With reference to news reports attributed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi repeating the baseless rhetoric against Pakistan regarding terrorism, the Foreign Office spokesperson recalled that Pakistan has consistently condemned terrorism, in all its forms and manifestations.

The spokesperson pointed out that having lost the lives of 55,000 of its citizens as a result of terrorism; Pakistan is the biggest victim of the menace. The entire world has, time and again, acknowledged Pakistan’s unprecedented sacrifices, rendered by our valiant armed forces with over 5,000 soldiers having embraced martyrdom.

Our Armed Forces remain ready to defend the country’s borders and thwart any threat of aggression, the Spokesperson stressed.

The spokesperson said that press reports of Indian accusations, at the highest political level, are most unfortunate, especially as the leadership of Pakistan wishes to establish good neighbourly relations with India.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to India in May was in this spirit and generated a fresh momentum in the bilateral relationship.

The government official said it would be in the larger interest of the regional peace that instead of engaging in a blame game, the two countries should focus on resolving all issues through dialogue and work together to promote friendly and cooperative relations.

Narendra Modi during his first visit to Leh and Kargil had on Tuesday accused Pakistan of engaging in a proxy war of terrorism. He claimed that the Indian Armed Forces are suffering more casualties from terrorism than from war.

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  1. I was expecting strong response from high level persnolities, not from spokepersons…modi’s allegation was highlighted by many int’l medias group while pakistan wasn’t recognized whether it is respond or not…be strong with these rates

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