Narendra Modi eats his own words, denies ‘Surgical Strikes’


NEW DELHI  – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi completely backed down from his statement on surgical strike as was clear from his recent statement

In his recent statement, Narendra Modi completely rejected the claims of surgical strikes that were already made by his government. He revealed that neither India attacked a country nor wanted to snatch another country’s territory.

Indian government alleged Pakistan after Uri attack and claimed surgical strikes by its military on its side of the border in Kashmir region.

However, the recent statement by the Indian Prime Minister completely shows the Indian government doing a U-turn over the issue.

At first, it was Minister of State for Information and Boradcasting Rajyavardhan Singh who denied its military claims of surgical strikes. In addition, the recent statement by Modi reveals that the Indian claims of surgical strikes were completely baseless.

Narendra Modi also told in his statement that Indian people resembles water and adopts to every kind of situation accordingly.

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    It is imperative we do not STOP highlighting Indian attricities in Kashmir and highlight the plight of the fearless Kashmiri’s

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