NADRA Offers All these Online Services to Make Pakistan a True Digital Nation


We can not deny the technological advancements that are taking place across the globe in each field of human life. Be it health, education, agriculture, finance, science or even food; almost every field is fully utilizing the blessings of technology in order to facilitate the human being at large. Similarly, since the inception of 3G/4G services in Pakistan, our country is also positively inclined towards the e-Governance initiatives. Out of many such Government organization, NADRA is one such entity that has recently turned its attention towards paperless system. And for this purpose, NADRA is offering various online services. These NADRA online services aims to help the common citizen of Pakistan by making various processes simple and easy for them. NADRA Offers All these Online Services to Make Pakistan a True Digital Nation.

NADRA Offers All these Online Services to Make Pakistan a True Digital Nation

Here is the Complete List of NADRA Online Services to fulfill Government of Pakistan’s Vision 2020:

AFIS System for Fingerprints Matching

NADRA recently introduced “Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)”. This system has achieved 99.37% accuracy on FVC standard testing. Equal Error Rate (EER) is also only 0.63% on FVC standard testing system. Achieving this rate of accuracy is a great achievement for NADRA.

This facility includes:

  • Secure Verification Service for 3rd Party Service Providers
  • Integration with Telcos, Banks, E-Sahulat, Security Companies, etc.
  • Real-time Fingerprint Verification

National Identification System

NADRA has also recently transformed the paper based ID management to the state-of-the-art identity with back end data input and reporting system. With this computerized card system and finally chip based cards with advance security features, NADRA aims to cover maximum population of Pakistan and Pakistani citizens residing in foreign countries.

Apply Online for CNIC: NADRA 

Online Family Verification Service

With this service the public can check that either all of their family members are registered under NADRA or not.

How to check Registered Family Members:

  • Simply send your CNIC number to 8008 and you will get the detail of all registered family members.
  • If detail you get is not correct, type 1 and send it to 8008.
  • if detail is correct about your registered family members then type 2 and send it to 8008.

Online Civil Registration System

Additionally, NADRA has successfully implemented “Civil Registration Management System” at the Local Government level in Pakistan.

Under this system the govt. can register the citizens vital events (Birth,marriage & death). This system provides up-to-date status reporting facilities for selected events, providing business decision models for strategic decision making in resource allocation, hence enabling better governance.

NADRA SMS Service to Check Vehicle, NIC & Vote

NADRA has also introduced some SMS codes through which the public can check/verify their vehicle, NIC and Vote number (during elections).

Pension and Zakat Disbursement System

NADRA has developed a pension management and disbursement system. E-sahulat franchisees provide support in the pension disbursement system.

Smart cards are provided to the biometrically verified pensioners. 1.72 million Pensioners benefiting from pension funds. Pension management is managed between EOBI and E-sahulat.

Online Vehicle Registration Card (ETO – Islamabad)

 After the successful launch of chip-based National Identity Cards, a new smart system for the vehicle registration has finally been introduced by NADRA.

Excise and Taxation Department has started to issue the Vehicle Registration Cards; which replaced the old book with the chip-based Vehicle registration card system.

The information of both vehicle and owner is provided in the Smart Card for Vehicle system. Vehicle Registration Card is developed by NADRA in collaboration with excise and Taxation Department.

In Process: Arms License System for Punjab, Sindh & Federal

NADRA is working with 3 Governments; Federal, Punjab and Sindh ensuring a reliable and secure system for the issuance of Computerized Arms License cards. The new system replaces the old booklets with a highly secure PVC card which is convenient to carry in a wallet. NADRA will launch this system soon.







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