Nadra launches App enabling citizens to access data faster


ISLAMABAD: In yet another step towards making operations in Pakistan digital, the National Database and Registration Authority(Nadra) on Wednesday launched a mobile operation ‘Rahbar’ which would not only enable citizens across the country to find the nearest Nadra Service Centre but offer much further through a simple click.

Nadra Chairman Tariq Malik, while publicizing the citizen- centric mobile operation, said “Citizen’s abiding inside Pakistan were unfit to know about the position of the Nadra centre that stylish suits their vicinity. With Rahbar, the citizens can now make a well- informed decision about visiting any Nadra centre, keeping in view the position, distance, number of aspirants-in-waiting, and average processing time through their mobile phones.”

He said similar enterprise were aimed at converting Nadra services to citizen service centres rather than only enrollment centres, adding that the operation will insure that citizens are eased to the maximum

Likewise, he said “From now onwards, Nadra’s service will be in the public eye. This is the true incarnation of digital Pakistan and e-governance.”

Through this operation, the citizens would also be suitable to have an idea about the number of citizens queued up awaiting their turn, processing time and the position of all Nadra enrollment centres in real time. The operation would display services in a list as well as on a chart. The chart would also show the position of the near Mobile Registration Van along with the enrollment office, making it accessible for druggies to navigate towards any Nadra centre with ease.

The operation comprises pollutants to sort the centres including womanish-only centres,24/7 Nadra centres and regular and administrative Nadra centres. The operation has an bus-refresh point that would operate after every three twinkles to modernize data.

Also, it has its own hunt machine that enables druggies to search for all Nadra services through megacity, name, or position. To grease every Pakistani, this operation has especially been designed in both Urdu and English.

This nautical mobile operation showcases Nadra’s specialized capabilities and citizen- centric approach. The operation can be downloaded from Google Play Store(Android) and Apple Store(iOS) which can fluently be penetrated from each over Pakistan.

It may be mentioned then that Nadra has always been involved in easing the citizens of Pakistan by offering a wide range of services.

Still, with increase in the mound of services, the caseload of processing has also increased vastly.

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