NA Condemns Violation of Ceasefire Along LoC



ISLAMABAD: National Assembly on Thursday condemned continued violation of ceasefire by the Indian forces along Line of Control and called for constructive engagement.

Unanimously adopted resolution paid glowing tributes to Capt Sarfraz of Pak Army who was martyred due to unprovoked shelling on LoC near Sakardu on Tuesday.

This House condemns this act of aggression and also expresses serious concerns on continued violation of ceasefire across LoC by the Indian army, the resolution presented to the House by Minister for Defence Production Rana Tanveer Hussain stated.

The House also called upon India for a constructive and result oriented process of engagement.

Members across the divide also prayed for early recovery of soldiers injured in shelling and resolved that people of Pakistan fully stand behind civil and military leadership to defend the territory of Pakistan.

Source: APP

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  1. Yeah, keep on doing lip service. The NA might want to pull up the elements within the “establishment” who work tirelessly to destroy peace.

    Nearly 8 years of peace on the LoC, and it’s funny – the Americans are about to leave Afghanistan, and Pakistan is up to the same old tricks it did in 1989.

    The end result – tens of thousands of dead Kashmiris. Dying to fight an ego battle that pakistan wants

    • Bomb Man,

      Speak to me I am kashmiri

      What came first the violence in the 1990’s or The right Wing BJP?

      What came first the non Kashmiri dirty dravidian Hindu gangs or the violence in kashmir?

      What came first the Mujahids or Indian rape of our sisters and mothers.

      What came first Pakistan involvement or the systematic policy of the BJP and ultra right wing Hindu Army’s ploy to displace the beautiful people of Kashmir, their culture, their language their sovereignty with dirty sons and daughters of an unpure Ganges.

      It is India that played with fire then and plays with fire today.

      It is India violating the truce and murdering and raping innocent Kashmiris again.

      It is India worried that the USA is leaving in 2014 and seeking to make her case for a fragmented and divided Afghanistan.

      It is the Indian upto their dirty tricks again.

      Where was your bravardo when the Chinese PLA walked into India and snatched equipment from the hands of Indian soldiers.

      Sadly Pakistan has a dog on the leash heading up the government, he dishooured the brave Mujahids of Kargill as he continues to dishonour Pakistani Afwaj sacrifice.

  2. …but Beymaan Shareef is doing what he does best.

    Put his business interest first and country second and is licking the Indian boots and American boots.

    His recent comment that pakistan must stop Indian Bashing???

    WTF!!! have I missed something, it is the other way round Beymaan Shareef.

    Again shame on each and every man in pakistan who has put us in the mercy of this man who sees his jurisdiction of over Pakistan only in Punjab.

    He doe snot see Pakistan in it’s entirety but through the greedy eyes of his vested interests.

    Right now we have to send a FIRM message to India and can align with China too.

    Right now we need to send a FIRM message to Afghanistan Intelligence which jointly thorugh India and CIA are killing our people through their proxy TTP.

    TTP ar enot Pakistanis and do not support Pakistan, Pakistan Army and have kileld innocent people, thre should be ZERO TOLERANCE and NEGOTIATION with them.

    Drive them out even in their sanctuaries inside Afghanistan.

    If ISAF do nt like it close the borders and make sure they abide by what they signed up to at the re-opening of the border linked to a total end to Drone Attacks.

    Pakistan faces a troubled further 5 years with this guy.

    Musharraf accused for spurious allegations and this man who actually did so much walks around free – does someone not see a connection here and his love for India linked to Musharraf murder charge.

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