NA body for provision of quality services at Polyclinic


ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination on Thursday ordered provision of needed coffers and insure quality healthcare services in the Federal Government Services Hospital.

The commission, which met at the sanitarium, known as Polyclinic, also directed its operation to ascertain the sanitarium’s conditions including structure, mortal resource and outfit so that the health ministry could insure resource allocation.

The commission members also stressed the need for provision of healthcare installations in different corridor of the capital in order to ease the burden on Polyclinic.

Members observed that Polyclinic being the tertiary care sanitarium was also furnishing services of primary care sanitarium.

The commission, which met under the chairmanship of MNA Dr Mohammad Afzal Dhandla, visited colorful sections of the sanitarium and enquired after the cases admitted in the sanitarium.

The commission appreciated the services that were being offered in the sanitarium. The Administrative Director(ED) Polyclinic Dr IU Baig, acquainted the commission members of the ongoing expansion and up gradation work of colorful installations.

The commission was latterly briefed about the healthcare installations available in the sanitarium. Dr IU Baig said the sanitarium was doing its stylish with available fiscal and mortal coffers. He said construction of Jinnah Polyclinic in G- 11 Islamabad had been planned to ease the burden on the being health installations.

He further acquainted that a case for reclamation on vacant posts had been prepared and submitted to the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination for blessing.

Dr IU Baig also informed the commission members that presently sanitarium didn’t offer cardiac, pediatric and neurological surgeries. He also acquainted about the drugstores operating in different areas of Islamabad.

The commission directed the ED Polyclinic Dr IU Baig to recall all the workers on deputation to other businesses or departments in order to replenish the mortal resource pool.

Among other enterprises, the members of the commission including MNAs Dr Mahesh Kumar Malani and Ramesh Lal also directed to address complaints of importunity at plant, besides also stressing for running crusade through media to produce mindfulness for forestallment of conditions.

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