NA body condemns UN over silence on Indian-occupied Kashmir


ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan on Wednesday unanimously condemned the world’s mortal rights organisations and the United Nations (UN) for their “ purposeful silence over the vicious acts” of New Delhi in the Indian Immorally Enthralled Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

The commission, which met under its president Rana Shamim Ahmed Khan of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), through the resolution also condemned the Indian forces for their “ brutal conditioning” in IIOJK and expressed solidarity with the innocent Kashmiris for their imperturbable resoluteness of tone- determination, says an sanctioned handbill issued by the National Assembly Secretariat.

Generally, it has been observed that through similar judgments, which are passed routinely by the panels and both the houses of the congress, the members generally condemn the Indian forces and rather of condemning the UN and transnational bodies, they only prompt or appeal them to play their part in the perpetration of the Security Council judgments on Kashmir.

During the course of meeting, the Committee held that peace in thesub-continent was subject to agreement of long outstanding Kashmir disagreement according to the will of the Kashmiris and Judgments of the UN.

The commission members were of the view that the brutal conditioning of the Indian forces couldn’t suppress the Kashmiris from their just demand of tone- determination. The members paid paeans to the people of Kashmir for showing imperturbable courage and determination over atrocities by the Indian forces.

The commission also condemned the recent terrorist attacks on security help in Noshki and Panjgor areas of Balochistan. The members prompted the government to bring to justice the lawbreakers at the foremost.

The commission also scrutinised the popular proffers relating to the Public Sector Development Programme for the fiscal time 2022-23 of the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and GB. The members decided to visit AJK and GB in order to oversee the onground physical progress of the development systems.

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