Muslims: The Actual Victims of Terrorism


The New Zealand Mass massacre targeted towards Muslims has once again left many questions unanswered. It has become quite normal for the world community including international leaders, media and strategic think tanks to merely report such incidents as mass shootings instead of as an act of terrorism if these sorts of incidents unfold against the world of Muslims.

 Historically, the word ‘Terror’ has always been vaguely defined and/or ambiguously used by many against others with vested interests. In recent years, the same word and its derivatives have actually become the bud of all jokes. Historically, those perceived terrorists by one nation or community were many times believed freedom fighters or righteous by other nations or communities and vice versa. To prove this argument, we have many vivid examples during both world wars, the era of independence, cold war and balkanization. With the turn of the new millennium, the word ‘Terror’ finds its new meaning. It has now exclusively been associated with the Muslim community.

 It is, in fact, a paradoxical debate that who has actually popularized this terminology against Muslims. Many democratically elected top international leaders both from eastern and western worlds along with a large number of so-called intellectuals are indeed responsible to firm this belief in the masses. Similarly, the world media seemingly and intentionally is being used as a mere fiddle to propagate and substantiate this unreasonable argument with great intensity.

Since the entrance of Trump at the world political stage along with many regional leaders from India to Europe, this idea that all Muslims are universally terrorists has been forcibly propagated and applied everywhere. This is actually disappointing to observe that there has never been any space given at any international forum to counter the above-said argument. This is not only that the specific community has ever since been targeted and discriminated at all levels but also the same community has never been able to find the substantial economic, social and political opportunities at many international arenas.

Similarly, It is also very disappointing to note that many countries champion of democracy have been running their elections on the distorted believes including discriminations based on religion, race, and ethnicity. The winning campaign of Trump in the last US election against Muslim Immigration and the current discriminatory campaign of Modi in India’s upcoming election against Muslim Kashmiri have enough evidence to support this argument. It feels like these countries are feeding their masses against the unrealistic fear of Muslim terrorists in order to win their respective elections. This is not a new phenomenon as far as the US or Western style of democracy is concerned. During the era of the Cold War, every political and ruling party of the US was feeding the fear of the USSR in her people to win elections and to justify their wrongdoings. This same phenomenon was very much valid during both world wars when many European nations were using the same sort of hatred in their respective people against the other European countries.

So this over-spread idea that Muslims are terrorists is finally bearing its fruits in the Western world. This civilization already has its dirty feet hidden under the innocent blood of many nations (Africans, North & Latin American, Chinese and South Asians) in the name of trading, economic development, inventions, progress, and racial supremacy. The same civilization is now looking for absurd reasoning to hide this sort of inhumane and brutal incidents against Muslims. Such incidents have normally been reported by the western media under the domain ‘Mass Shooting’. How can an educated and well aware citizen of such a highly developed first world society always be a mass shooter whereas an underprivileged and economically challenged person from under-developed and distorted society with no technology commonly available can be a terrorist? How can every mass shooter in the western countries from the USA, Europe to Australia always be mentally sick and emotionally fragile whereas every Muslim accused can be shrewd, strategically well equipped and well thought out the terrorists? How can every aggressor be psychologically disturbed and socially isolated in the west whereas every accused Muslim can be psychologically, mentally genius and inhumane at his core? The world is not interested in buying such a ridiculous argument anymore. All the civilized nations soon after the end of the 2nd world war decided to develop the Human Rights Charters and ceased to discriminate any race and religion such as discriminating the Jews. The same civilized nations must now come forward and address all the grievances of the Muslims. This is the high time for the international community to come forward and answer all the unspeakable questions which have never been answered and listened; why are Muslims called terrorists while others are called mass shooters? Why are there many Mosques burning or demolishing in West whereas the mainland of Arab peninsula which once called the heart of Islam is opening her arms to welcome the religious freedom of her minorities? Why Muslims do not have any freedom to practice their religion and follow a certain lifestyle whereas the Muslim world is opening her doors to accommodate the different lifestyles of every nation? Why is there hate speech about Muslims in international media and in national parliaments of many western countries whereas Muslim country like Pakistan is sacking her provincial minister for derogatory remarks about the certain religious community? Why are Muslims insulted and discriminated in many countries under the disguise of laws whereas many countries like Pakistan is relaxing her laws to give easy exit to western culprits?

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