Muslims and Christians pray at Aleppo church in show of inter-faith unity


ALEPPO: As rebels, Al-Qaeda, Daesh and Assad fight for control of war-ravaged Aleppo— hundreds of Muslims, Christians and Armenian gathered at a church to pray for peace, in an extra-ordinary show of inter-faith harmony.

The prayers held at the Central Church in Eastern Aleppo was also attended by three French parliamentarians.

The six-year long war has taken a toll especially on the youth who pray for a peaceful city. “I pray for not just a peaceful Aleppo but all of Syria,” said a young man attending the service.

Although bombings have come to a halt in Aleppo following ceasefire, the peace remains shaky and citizens of the war-torn city are fearful of the ceasefire falling apart.

Despite the uncertainty however, people here have not abandoned hope and continue to pray for peace.

— the correspondent is visiting war-torn Syria to bring on-the-spot coverage for our readers






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