Muslim women targeted in a rising wave of attacks in UK



Over half of Islamophobic attacks in Britain – which stand at around two every day – are committed against women, UK dailyThe Observer reported on Saturday.

The newly-published statistics on anti-Muslim attacks, which have been compiled in the nine months following the murder of British solider Lee Rigby in 2013 by extremists, come days after Saudi student Nahid al-Manea was stabbed to death in an Essex park.

In their research on Islamophobia, academics at a UK university studied calls to the Tell Mama hotline, which records Islamophobic crimes, academics at Teesside University found there were on average two incidents every day over the period.

More than half of reported attacks being against women, who are often targeted because they are wearing clothing associated with Islam, the data revealed.

Between the start of May 2013 and February this year, victims reported 734 incidents to the hotline – with 599 incidents of abuse being online and the remaining 135 offline.

The figures stand in contrast to the trend for hate crime, with government data showing the number of reported incidents dropping.

However, the report stated that a significant number of reported incidents were linked to groups such as the English Defense League, a far-Right street protest movement which opposes the spread of Islamism and Sharia Law in the UK.

The group originated from the city of Luton and has been described as Islamophobic.

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