Mr. Musclemania Salman Ahmed gears up for title defense


After becoming the first Pakistani to win the Musclemania World Bodybuilding title in Las Vegas last year, Salman Ahmed now is busy preparing to defend his title when the Musclemania World Bodybuilding Championship kicks off again in Florida later this month.

Speaking to DawnNews, Salman said that he had been training non-stop for the competition.

“Since I won the world title, I’ve continued my training without rest, because I had made an aim for this competition,” he said, adding that he “may break 106 records” if he wins the Musclemania Championship this year.

Salman will be the first Pakistani to compete in the event, but complains that despite winning the Musclemania title last year, the country’s government has not tried to reward him yet.

“I am not facilitated like the other competitors are. Despite that, I compete with them and have won titles.”

He is optimistic about his chances and is confident that he will maintain his reputation this time around.

The Musclemania Championship 2016 is scheduled to be held later this month in Miami, Florida.

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