Altaf Hussain Resigns: Karachi ready to brace a new era of Blood Shed




After an expected raid in his house, Altaf Hussain has announced his resignation as leader of the MQM. He has expressed his disappointment upon falling into the suspects’ list and has ironically claimed that he would fight his own case if convicted.

This news, at a time when Karachi law and order situation is already deteriorating, comes as a bad omen; considering the record of militant rule and culture that now runs in the city. With the daily life at the mercy of militant gangs calling up strikes, one can only wonder how the MQM workers would respond to this news, when their leader has decided to take a bunk.

Keeping in mind that Karachi is habitat to several other indigenous militant groups spearheaded by different ethnicities; the urban terror that MQM unleashed in the form of extortion, killings et cetera have been adopted by rival groups like People Aman Committee (PAC) and Awami National Party (ANP) over a period of time.

MQM continued accession to power by the virtue of Muhajir politics, aggrieved citizens of different racial backgrounds in past. The terror elements from these ethnicities can now reap benefit from the leadership vacuum in MQM.

Any provocation at this crucial stage, if not contained by the law enforcement agencies would result in the blood bath of innocent people.


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