Motorcycle production sees 16.54 % growth last year


ISLAMABAD: Motorcycle production in the country has seen 16.54 per cent growth, touching highest level with 2.07 million units produced during 2014-15.

A total of 2,071,123 units of motorcycles were produced in the country during the year mentioned up from 1,777,251 units last year.

As per statistics from Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), there are more than 60 motorcycle makers in the country with Honda still leading market with a notable margin.

Motorcycle makers produced over 172,000 motorcycles per month on average, indicating a rapid increase in usage of two wheeler units.

Experts on Saturday said double digit growth in motorcycle production indicates that middle-class is growing faster than ever in recent times. Moreover, easy installment plans introduced by local retailers for motorcycle lease is another reason for rapid growth in motorcycle production.

Experts see that this growth in motorcycle production will also increase during years to come and opined that it is time to regulate motorcycle riders in a more strict manner to make sure that they, as well as other motorists on roads are safe.

It must be mentioned here that there are local retail outlets that offer motorcycle lease with installments going as low as Rs 2,000 per month.-APP

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