Moscow unveils N-powered icebreaking vessel


SAINT PETERSBURG: President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday oversaw the launch of a new nuclear-powered icebreaker as Russia pushes to develop the Arctic and seeks new energy requests amid warrants over Ukraine.

Addressing a Saint Petersburg form for the launch of the Yakutia icebreaker by videotape link, Putin said similar vessels were of “strategic” significance for Russia. In addition to floating out the Yakutia, authorities also symbolically raised a flag on another nuclear-powered icebreaker, the Ural.

The Ural and the Yakutia are part of a line of nuclear-powered icebreakers that are meant to ensure Moscow’s dominance over the melting Arctic.

The Kremlin chief pledged to develop his country’s nuclear line despite current difficulties in Russia’s frugality and product in an apparent reference to Western warrants over Moscow’s descent in Ukraine. “We’ll increase the capabilities of our nuclear icebreaker line,” Putin said.

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He said this should be achieved “using domestic outfit and factors”. The Ural is anticipated to come functional in December, while the Yakutia will join the line in late 2024, Putin said.

The vessels are designed to repel extreme rainfall conditions in the Far North, have a length of 173 meters (568 bases), and can smash through ice up to 2.8 meters thick.

The Russian leader said the vessels were part of Moscow’s sweat “to consolidate Russia’s status as a great Arctic power”.

He formerly again stressed the significance of developing the so-called Northern Sea Route, which allows vessels to reach Asian anchorages up to 15 days more briskly than via the traditional Suez Canal.

“This veritably important corridor will allow Russia to realise its import eventuality in full, and establish an effective logistics route to South- East Asia,” Putin said. Moscow has for times heavily invested in the route.

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