Moot to draw attention of western media on Kashmir


LONDON: Two leading campaigners from Indian occupied Kashmir have announced to hold ‘International Media Conference’ here to draw the attention of international media towards the lack of coverage that the people of Kashmir merit.

At a press conference here, Abdul Majid Tramboor and Professor Nazir Shawl said that International Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) and South Asian Centre for Peace & Human Rights (SACFPHR) will be bringing together leading media practitioners in Europe under the title: ‘Exposure of Conflict Areas of the World with Particular Reference to Kashmir’ in two days in West London.

Abdul Majod Tramboo told the conference that mass media often plays a key role in today’s conflicts but unfortunately very few of those conflicts have attracted serious concerns from international media and Kashmir is amongst those burning issues which have been ignored or sidelined in media, failing to generate the due and merited coverage and reportage.

“The pending case of United Nations self-determination issue of the people of Jammu and Kashmir needs media attention. This is now 70 years old issue which has now emerged as a major violent conflict among Pakistan, India and the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

Barrister Tramboo, who hails from the Indian occupied valley, said that conditions in Jammu and Kashmir are explosive and fraught with great danger but the events unfolding get minimal coverage. “Over the years the Kashmir conflict has eclipsed the possibilities of peace and prosperity in the region. Undoubtedly the prevailing conditions pose a serious threat to regional and global peace noting that the region is a nuclear flash point,” he said.

Referring to the recent Amnesty International report on the use of pellet guns in Kashmir by Indian forces, Tramboo said that independent international organisations such as Amnesty believe that international community should act against India over the use of pellet guns against innocent youth. He said western media could have done much more to highlight these atrocities.

Professor Nazir Shawl said that the issue of Indian occupied Kashmir is not a religious issue. “The issue of Kashmir’s occupation affects Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and everyone else. It’s a humanitarian crisis and needs international intervention on humanitarian basis. We shall examine the essentials required to take account of the specific circumstances from the international media perspective on the Kashmir conflict in the media conference. It is crucial that editorial guidelines about how to cover the Kashmir conflict internationally are identified, developing partnerships with local media and the local media is encouraged to form collaborations providing unbiased and independent media coverage which is important not only for the world public but also for the people of Jammu and Kashmir who are directly affected.

“By supporting credible information on the Kashmir issue and searching a large audience, the media help will lead to lessening violence and perhaps, resolve the conflict pursuant to the will of the people of Jammu and Kashmir through an independent and impartial right of self-determination.”

Professor Shawl said that Kashmiris need attention of western media where they have not been given the coverage on merit.






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  1. UK has a large Kashmiri diaspora and educated Kashmiris that need support and funding to happily campaign for the cause across UK and the rest of Europe including USA.

    We hate the government of India but need structure support and guidance to promote not only Pakistan across Europe, UK and US but WE as the educated Pakistani and Azad Kashmiri diaspora will offer intelligent debate in this matter.

    Sadlyand I speak as an Azad Kashmiri when I say our Azad Kashmiri leaders are corrupt unpar gwaar log who would sell Kashmir and Pakistan for a pittance if they had to. Even if they were not disloyal to Pakistan and Kashmir they will sit on their fat asses doing nothing and allowing the enemy spready their PsyOp misinformation.

    Indians are buying websites across US and UK and Europe and spreading false propaganda unchecked. Pakistanis and Kashmiris should be doing the same and we unlike them and unlike them we have substantive evidence to show the wrong doings of India and Indian lobby’s.

    Furthermore we not to educate the ordinary person in UK, Europe and US on the beauty and culture of Pakistan the work before us is huge due to the rising anti Islam sentiment in the West. Nevertheless UK, Europe and US can not ignore us as are part of their world, their society and they have responsibility over us as we have on them. On the importance of CPEC not enough is being said about the projects and how it will bring the region together. Need a better website, videos, illustrations.

    CPEC should become a regional project inviting regional and European, UK allies to invest.

    India is winning the narrative because it is in collusion with Zionist false media on mainstream news and social media. I jave said this a hundred times, Pakistan needs to get its act together and ramp up its marketing to counter the cyber war India and her Zionist allies have waged on Pakistan. I see it very day here in UK, Indian journalists, fake web sites, social media promoting India and demonising Pakistan.

    You do NOT need USA but we want good relationships fully independent of US Aid. A strong economy is imoortant alongside a strong military and a free and fair state with “good” governance will bring positive media, informatiin and FDI. This is why we need a functional CPEC with long term ventures with free trade zones, entertainment and tourism zones, industrial and business parks. I mean why can we not have a huge manufacturing business, we have the labour and skills and are on Chinas door step largest outsourcer of the world with cheap material. Create distribution centres, business parks along CPEC. Better roads integrating cities, towns to CPEC. A mkdern airline, trains and zero corruption. I love Pakistan but hate coming because of the corruption. We are building a new airport and MUST have a corruption free airport and a new Airline other than PIA, either someone sell it sure the Turks or UAE, or Qatari will buy up PIA and invest a major stake but we nees more than one Airline so nees Pakistans elite to invest in the airline industry. We need a vibrant IT Sector, we need better IT Infrastructure, datacentrea, better cloud adoption. Need more IT Academies and tech companies. I myself have over 2 decades of IT experie ce and would love to bring this to Pakistan and hopefully offer services to fellow Muslim countries where India currently monopolises. Unfortuantely Pakistan does not make it easy to start new businesses nor do we have IT Infrastructure to buukd solutions on. If someone could show me would love to.

    While we want a relationship with USA we do not want the current relationship to continue which is transactional and sadly is not based on respect but Pakistan as a client state. It never used to be like this a d we loced the USA and they did alot for us as we did for them but a Post USA era must be developed and understand its dangers nit repeating what Libya did to orofress and develop living it ooen to sabotage.

    Pakistan must develop a Think Tank to advise the government on a Post American Pakistan – PAP. Needs to be an advisory group to the current and opposition parties.

    Finally for the sake of Allah AzuWajjal please please no more corruption. stop looting Pakistan, its resources and start developing and building Pakistan.

    Pakistan is not Punjab alone it is important there is fair distribution of wealth and opportunity into Balochistan, Sindh, KP and Azad Kashmir.

    We have $3 trillion gold in Balochistan that can transform Balochistan infrastructure and build modern vibrant cities. That Gold must be reinvested into Balochistan. A further $3 Trillion of gold is under KP and the entire KP can become a bustling mega modern region. Every single $ needs to go to KP. We must restore Pashtun culture to its former great glory similarly in Balochistan and same with Sindh as we do in Punjab. If we have a modern profressive KP imagine how it will impact Pashtuns of Afghanistan positively.

    Azad Kashmir has a large wealthy diaspora in UK. I should know as I am an Azad Kashmiri.

    Pakistan needs to advise government of Azad Kashmir to develop better roads, homes, entertainment areas, better tourism. Just from the UK, European Azad Kashmiri diaspora will ensure Azad Kashmir will see economic develooment.

    I have so much to do in Dubai spending between £3000 to £5000 every year for a week as there is so much more to see and do all in 1 week’s holiday.

    I spend aplroximately £1500 and mostly shopping for clothes in Pakistan.

    Imagine if Pakistan keeps all that investment from each Pakistani non resident coming on holiday each year. We need better economists in Pakistan as the market for tourism, entertainment is huge. Again we need better investment on facilities, infrastructure and this will become a sustainable economy each year.

    I know I digressed but the problem with Pakistan is manifold and all needs to be addressed unanimously.

    Finally Pakistanis must change and whe I know each ordinary Pakistani is jard working and good thise living in Pakistam are gulible fools too.

    Take the recent elections, how is it that Nawaz Sharif’s wife won!.

    Shame on every single one of you. If you want change you must change your ways and drive change from above.

    Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Paindabad.

  2. I also would like to ask everyone reading this to response to support Pakistan.

    You the ordinary Pakistan can help by spending an hour or two a day to counter Indian trolls on social media, twitter, facebook, youtube but also misinterpreted news channels, online media sites against Pakistan.

    All of you should sped 1 to 2 hour counterimg the lies emanating from the enemy camps. Do so respectively, politely and factually.

    Pakistan needs you right now.

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