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The 2005, US decided not to issue visa to Modi, in view of his alleged role in violation of human rights during the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat. A few months ago, Modi received a big encouragement from the United Kingdom and the European Union,who lifted a similar ban on him. In this backdrop an appeal, signed by 65 Indian lawmakers including 40 from the Rajya Sabha and 25 from the Lok Sabha, requesting the US president, to deny Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi a visit visa to their country, has created a row of political controversy in India.

It is probable, that following the footsteps of their great cousins, the US will soon find a reason to allow Modi’s visit, like many other undue favors it grants to its “lynch pin” in Asia. But what needs to be assessed is that such a man as Modi, who is well known for his violation of religious freedom and extra-judicial killings, aims to run the next election for PM of India; how does this show on democracy, on human rights and on the collective conscience of India, and how will it reciprocate upon the Muslims and other minorities of India and the Occupied Kashmir under him.

But at the same time, policy makers and strategists consider it a blessing in disguise for the region and for the global policy perspectives, as Lt. Gen (rtd) Agha Umer Farooq commented:

“While at the same time US flirting with India will taste the truth of Indian aspirations in real flavor. I consider him a blessing in disguise for those who are unable to see the sugar coated, charm laced hippocratic lethal Indian conservative and deeply prejudiced religious psyche”

As the heat in Indian politics increased, ‘many parliamentarians claim that their signatures on the letter were forged.’ (Source)

Meanwhile the US is already showing some softness as State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said on Thursday, “If (the Gujarat) Chief Minister Modi applies for a visa, his application will be considered to determine whether he qualifies for a visa, in accordance with US immigration law and policy” , “we will consider his application if he applies” she said. (Source)

USCIRF’s 2012 Annual Report kept India on the Watch List of religious freedom violators. According to the report, Hindu mobs killed between 1,200 and 2,500 Muslims, forced 100,000 people to flee, and destroyed homes (Source). Modi being the Chief Minister of Gujrat at that time is accused of ‘sanctioning or taking no steps to stop Hindu mobs’. Further inquiries in the gruesome savagery that took place that day, showed how religious hate was demonstrated by Hinduvta extremist in this dark chapter of Indian history (Reference).

In February 2012, the Gujarat High Court strongly chastised the Gujarat government and Chief Minister Modi for inaction and negligence during the violence. The court has also ordered the government to pay compensation for the over 500 houses and businesses that were destroyed during the violence,” the Commission said. (Source)

Another of the many involvements of Mr Modi,  is the extra-judicial killing of Ishrat Jehan along with three other men, and labeling them as terrorists, who were ploting to kill him. ‘Nineteen-year-old Ishrat, from Mumbra in Thane district adjoining Mumbai, Javed Shaikh alias Pranesh Pillai, Amjadali Akbarali Rana and Zeeshan Johar were killed in an alleged fake encounter with the Gujarat police on the outskirts of Ahmedabad on June 15, 2004.’ (Source)

The CBI has clear evidence upon the fake counter but, ‘The Central Bureau of Investigation is set to delay filing of its supplementary chargesheet in the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case so as not to embarrass the government by accusing a serving Intelligence Bureau officer of murder and conspiracy’ (Source).

Though extremely popular in the BJP’s Hinduvta followers, Modi does not enjoy a an un-blemished legacy in India; Sonia Ghandhi, the president of Congress, once called him ‘a merchant of death’, Modi also has a uncertain marital status, though a proclaimed bacholar, ‘however, there is an impoverished woman in a small village of Gujarat who is widely believed to be his wife. Mr. Modi has never spoken about his marriage, nor has he denied journalistic accounts that portray the woman as his wife.’ (Source)

Therefore it can be concluded that if such a man as Modi will win the next Indian elections, the world should be ready to see a new era of saffron terrorism across the country that would not only increase the speed at which India’s is heading towards its self-destruction, but also for a new reign of terror and suppression in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. And on the other hand, neighboring countries will have to keep their guards up, as the Hindutva mentality will then be unleashing its horrors in its full capacity.

Lt. Gen (rtd) Agha Umer Farooq commented on an occasion:

Mr Narendra Modi is a great Indian patriot, die hard nationalist, stunch anti Muslim, and Hindu zealists. He is neither a hypocrite nor disguises himself as a peace dove. His coming to power will give the world and especially Pakistan an experience and taste of the real Hindutuva, blowing apart of secularist myths, cosmetic Indian peace overtures and hawkish Indian nationalistic perceptions. More than that he will serve to thwart our biased media, sold out journalists, short sighted liberals, rented intellectuals and the confused policy makers, and our people will  experience the true face of age old Indian hate and disgust towards Muslims.

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  1. Who cares whether the US issues a visa or not. Since when did THAT become a yardstick?

    There is no difference between Modi and Hafiz Saeed. If you consider that bearded peado a patriot, then so is Modi. And to the best of my knowledge, Hafiz Saeed also does not have a “US Visa” whatever that is good for.

  2. Basic difference here is that Modi guy is not worth nothing but just a pissdrenchedpissdrinking RAT of BHA-RAT, whereas Hafiz Saeed, even though an outcast, is a poisoned thorn right up hindu fundamentalist Modi and all Hindus -tani’s backside;

  3. You nonsense people please learn the manner to comment. Even your hatred do not disapprove the world wise status of India. India is your Father and learn to respect it

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