How Modi’s India becomes a joke at home and abroad


ISLAMABAD: Like the post-Uri attack lies of India about Pakistan, the hollowness of New Delhi’s propaganda of getting Islamabad “isolated” has become a joke, even for many Indians.

While the whole world witnessed the interactions of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines of UN General Assembly session and heard what the world leaders said about Pakistan, these facts have even been shared by some Indians on the social media mocking the Modi government claims.

Sanjiv Bhatt is a former Indian Police Service officer from Gujarat. He is known for his role in filing an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India against the Narendra Modi when he was Chief Minister of the Government of Gujarat. Bhatt had claimed to have attended a meeting, during which Modi had allegedly asked top police officials to let Hindus vent out their anger against the Muslims.

Through his tweet, Bhatt shared his facebook comment on how India “isolated” Pakistan. He wrote:

  1. Russian forces arrive in Pakistan to hold joint military drills snubbing India.
  2. Indonesia offers Pakistan defence equipment.
  3. Iran wants to be a part of CPEC and link Chabahar port with it built on Indian money.
  4. China says it supports Islamabad’s stance on Kashmir.
  5. OIC says it supports Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir.
  6. Turkey sending fact finding mission to Kashmir on Pakistan demand.
  7. Nepal wants to boost bilateral relations with Pakistan.
  8. USA has refrained from naming Pakistan for the Uri Attack.

And our government wants us to believe that Pakistan has been internationally isolated.”

According to Pakistani official source, “Had Goebbels (who was propaganda minister in Nazi Germany) been alive, he would have felt proud seeing the limitless vitriolic and concocted propaganda of BJP-led Indian government against Pakistan. He would have opted to be disciple of Arnab Goswami (Indian journalist) and his likes in Indian propaganda industry.”

As reflected in Sanjiv Bhatt comments, India shamelessly claimed and tried to mislead the world that Russians have called off the joint military exercise with Pakistan. In reality, the Russians landed in Pakistan on Friday for first ever military exercise.

After the Uri attack, Chinese PM Li Keqiang in most unequivocal terms and without mincing words said that Beijing attaches great importance to Islamabad’s position on the Kashmir issue, and “China is standing by Pakistan and will continue to raise their voice in its support at every forum”.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in his meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines of the UNGA on Wednesday last expressed a desire to be part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Rouhani said Iran considers Pakistan’s economic development as its own development and added that Pakistan’s security is the security of Iran.

Before Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s address to the UNGA, members of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation’s Contact Group on Kashmir reaffirmed their solidarity with the valiant Kashmiri people and demanded an end to the repression in Indian-occupied part of the disputed state.

Arab world and Turkey also called upon India to implement the UN Security Council’s resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also met top leadership of Britain, Japan and other countries.

USA has unambiguously appreciated Pakistan’s performance in Zarb-e-Azb and stated that US wants to remain in constructive relationship and would continue with Strategic Dialogue.

The US administration not only avoided endorsing Indian allegations against Pakistan following Uri attack but to New Delhi’s dismay the State Department spokesman has categorically stated and distanced from India’s effort to stir an International controversy on Balochistan. The state department spokesman said, “The US government respects the unity and territorial integrity of Pakistan, and we do not support independence for Balochistan.”

On Friday, British Army Chief Gen Nick Carter while addressing Pakistani community at Manchester, stated, “there is a strong relationship between Pakistan and UK forces, both are at one page against terrorism. I am one of the admirers of COAS Gen Raheel Sharif and I appreciate his leadership.”

Responding to Indian propaganda against Pakistan, a source suggested India, “Don’t Build Castles in the Air.”

Regarding Indian allegations of Pakistan’s involvement in the Uri attack, now India herself has started admitting that what was said within hours of the attack was factually wrong. Not only India’s DGMO was proved wrong but the New Delhi’s mantra — “India now has undeniable evidence against Pakistan” — has evaporated in the air.

About these Indian lies, a joke has been shared in Pakistan through the social media about the “undeniable evidence” against Pakistan. It reads as:

“Terrorists who attacked Army Camp at Urri had indeed come from Pakistan. Following was recovered from their dead bodies: 1. A signed NOC from DG ISI stating “I hereby grant authorization of attacking Uri to these fine gentlemen. Indian Army to please facilitate entry etc; 2. An autographed handkerchief presented by Pak Army COAS stating “Best Wishes for Uri”; 3. Besides Pakistani CNIC and passport a signed letter by DG NADRA offering full responsibility for any missing documents; 4. A receipt bill from Butt Karahi, Gawalmandi, Lahore depicting 2 kilo DESI KUKKAR KARAHI and 8 NAAN consumed 2 days before the attack; 5. Dhobi and Canteen bills from Headquarters ISI Islamabad; 6. Naswar box containing engraved message — ‘With love from Bannu’.”

This social media joke about Indian baseless propaganda said that on the basis of these “incriminating evidence”, the Pakistani establishment is in serious trouble and Pakistan is likely to face international isolation.

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  1. The Indian over inflated ego strikes again.
    The right wing Hindu in India lives in a fanciful fantasy world, reared on half truths and lies against Muslims and how a Hindu empire existed east and west of the Indus.

    Such a narrative was heavily promoted by the British who required a proxy against the defector power namely the ailing Mughal Empire divided into princely states and kingdoms.

    That narrative continues today and Indians feel they are on the rise and rather an Asian century this is an Indian century.

    Which is all well and to dream and aspire is everyone’s right however not at the expense of every one else.

    Unfortunately the predominant Indian is Hindu and right wing politics and ideology is on the rise. An Indian rise is psynonymous with the rise of a Hindu empire and the eternal bogey man is Islam that manifests into an anti Pakistan ideology.

    Therfore these zealots see muslims and Pakistan as their natural enemy. As simple as this statement ithat is. It is not too far from the truth and witnessed how they treat Pakistan. Constantly conspiring in matters of economics and trade, always showing it to be culturally Indian, constant deceit.

    The west namely the USA and Eurooe’s need in India is not ideologically. Ideologically they can not be so far apart. Therefore whether they like it or not the relationship is not as equals but transactional.

    Opening of Indian services to the Western world and investing heavily into India is not because Indian resource or ability surpasses anyone else let us be frank a month a week before 911 India was referred to as the 3rd world and Pakistan a tiger economy.

    Where India and the West is aligned is to stop or more accurately slow the pace at which China is to rise.

    Therefore again while both West and India see containment of China as strategic the relationship between US and India is more tactical.

    By this I mean the West can not give India the credence she gives Israel. This is where India’s diplomacy has gone pear shaped.

    India feels she is another Israel and this is just not the case. The Americans can not afford to have Kashmir be seen or treated as another Palestine. Cushioned between 3 Nuclear powers and the geography of the region makes it impossibleasy to even conceive this logistically.

    India felt the world will support them and isolate Pakistan. Agreed there has been a decade long misinformation war against Pakstan and certain sections of US and Europe would like to disassociate from Pakistan.

    Given Pakistan’s strategic position and relationship with China and growing relationship with Russia and her place in the Muslim world – this can not be a realistic policy.

    While it will favour Indian strategic aims it actually goes against US and European strategy.

    Therefore India has made a major blunder in her policy towards Pakistan. She should recognise herself through the relationship of the Hindu Maharaja and the British Empire again very transactional and not equal.

    Pakistan needs to stand tall and must be very clear on what is right for Pakistan and continue supporting Kashmir.

    We hope we continue to have a strong military leader and wish our elected government is not compromised as we saw during the Zardari years.

    Pakistan is also a rising power described as the Next 10, referring to the next 10 rising economies.

    Pakistan fills a vacuum in the Muslim world left post Iraq war, post Qadafi and post a strong Syria.

    Pakistan must work hand and glove with China to modernise and develop herself and not get bigger down in petty politics.

    We should not be afraid to tell the world that we are a victim of Indian terror and continue the support for the defenceless Kashmiri’s.

    We need strong lobby’s in US, Europe and Australia as well as East Asia.

    Invite the world to Azad Kashmir and show the huge contrast to Indian Occupied Kashmir.

    We must stand tall and not compromise on internal and external security and never sit silent over Kashmir.

    We need to be alot like Erdogan and weed out the traitors in our midst across all institutes.

  2. Pakistan rally up:

    Khalistanis in UK, US and Canada
    Kashmiri huge diaspora in UK and US
    Support for Maoist/ Naxalites

    Keep stoking the right wing Hindu ego.

    Keep prodding their false bravado they attack back in a shameful way that shows the world their true colours.

    If ever ISIS needs to recruit new young generation to assist it is now!.

    Next 5 years while we build the CPEC and promote the economic advantage of CPEC – India engaged in a vicious campaign against Pakistan not only overt attacks but covertly through proxies but also through misinformation.

    In response Pakistan has the green light to support indigenous freedom movements inside India.

    Support them morally and covertly but where we are lacking is in the Information War.

    The army needs a cyber team and ordinary Pakistanis need to be more active on the Internet. The foreign office needs to show the world about Indian terror through Pakistan diaspora in UK and USA.

    Pakistan has a lot of friends and assets – please use them through a FORMULATED mature strategy to counter India.

    The time is NOW or risk NEVER.

    Everything is tied to the stability of Pakistan and making Pakistan an economically attractive place to invest is key over the next 5 years.

    India just declared a war on you for a 1000 years. We know this is not a frontal war because they are incapable against Pakistan.

    This will come through proxies be it armed terrorists from within Afghanistan or deluded fools within. Secondly this will be to reduce water into Pakistan. We need a strong message to the world in a way ZAB spoke and we need to tell the world if this happens itnisnandeclaration of war and we will use force against India.

    The third where Pakistan is not realising is the Misinformation War. This is the worst it is a psychological war to destroy the mindset of our new generation and destroy the image of Pakistan in the world. While we can nt change the mindset of the ordinary non Pakistani we can do much at the government level and need to be decisive in countering the Indian narrative.

    We also need to show the world the true face of Indian terror.

    We too must isolate and corner India beginning with Iran and Russia. Afghabistan and Bangladesh pivot towards Pakistan is inevitable but the focus needs to be Iran, Russia, Central Asia and SE Asia.

    A strong confident Pakistan will automatically be courted by USA and Europe.

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