Military or militancy can’t resolve Kashmir problem: Naeem


Roads and Building Minister Naeem Akhtar on Monday said that Kashmir problem cannot be resolved though the barrel of gun by military or militants.
“Military cannot solve this problem. But we also to realize that militancy can also not solve this problem. This is not a problem that will be solved by gun,” said Naeem Akhtar while speaking in Upper House.
Whether it is relation between J&K and India or it is relation between India and Pakistan. You cannot deny influence of other side (Pakistan), he said.
He further said that Kashmir is complex issue.
“. We express grief and sorrow over the killing of civilian in Kashmir,” he said.
“We are not at war with our own people. I feel when we say Kashmiri has died or Muslim has died. Unless we understand that an Indian has dies. Whether it is killer (security forces) or victim (Kashmiri) both are Indian national. Unless we correct equation in our minds about the people in Kashmir, the Kashmir issue instead of heading for solution, it will become more complex,” said Naeem Akhtar while speaking in the Upper House participating in discussion on civilian killings.
He said that Kashmir became militarized after tribal raid “even as then Prime Minister of J&K Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah established a relation with India on the bases of some ideals as maintained in the instrument of accession by the Maharaja Hari Singh like we are establishing relations with a democratic, socialist and republic of India but due to militarization in Kashmir these things were ignored (Pase Pusht)”.
National channel debates giving a sense of defeat to Kashmiris that “you are defeated”.
“Kashmir is not an occupied territory. It’s a territory which has voluntarily become part of India. Don’t convert Kashmir into an occupied territory of India though these mischievous TV channel,” he said.
He said: “We are also not safe in our houses and (doubt) will security forces provide us protection. We cannot go out without any gun protection. Security forces have pressure on them like when we keep Army in villages instead of borders it leads to repercussions.”


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