MH17 plane crash: Dutch reach bodies in east Ukraine



Pro-Russia separatists filmed this video in the aftermath of the plane crash, as Fergal Keane reports

Dutch investigators have arrived in Torez in Ukraine, where the remains of victims of the Malaysia Airlines plane crash are being stored.

The three forensic scientists are aiming to start work on identifying the 196 bodies kept there on a train.

Pressure is growing on pro-Russian rebels to allow experts to the crash site some 15km (9 miles) away.

The US and other nations say there is growing evidence of Russian complicity in the downing of the plane last week.

All 298 people on flight MH17 died when it was reportedly hit by a missile.

Russia has been accused of providing the rebels with an anti-aircraft system that was allegedly used in the attack on 17 June. It denies the allegations.

Dutch PM Mark Rutte, whose country lost 193 people, said on Monday that all political and economic options were on the table if access to the crash site near the village of Grabove remained unsatisfactory.

“We want our people back,” he told parliament in The Hague.

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