Media, Thou Discombobulate Us.



Media has great significance in today’s world. An event that happens at one end, traverses the whole globe quite suddenly. The flow of information influences the world affairs and results in the changes in contemporary scenario quite drastically.

Media Outlets are working as power houses; making or breaking things through the means at their disposal. Powerful media outlets like CNN, BBC works closely with the government in the promotion of their agenda. They broadcasts news and views, to create opinions which are in turn needed to secure their national interests and backs their government institutions, missions and projects.

In the past, Pakistan had only one channel PTV that was operated under State control. It secured culture, traditions and most importantly national interest. It also raised the causes, crucial enough to be highlighted. Things changed with the influx of private electronic media and entertainment. Keeping the public informed has become a business; various news channels have sprung up as compared to the entertainment channels. The media houses works for revenues. They will do whatever helps them melt the money.

On the Entertainment side, our channels are importing foreign dramas from Turkey and Iran, knowing that our drama industry is gradually becoming better; still they are importing on cheap rates with no due regards to the local production houses. The artist associations have recorded their protests various times on this act, but the TV channels tend to stay aloof. The foreign content of these scripted shows doesn’t bear any resemblance with the local culture; hence the young generation gets affected negatively. They mistook Hindi as Urdu, and even sing religious hymns praising Hindu deities. It shows how destructive the media can become for the society, culture and the tradition.

As written earlier, keeping public informed is the most thriving business in Pakistan. Constant bombardment of subjective news in condescending tones, and repetitive assertion of particular viewpoints through talk shows leads the masses astray. Seemingly, a particular giant media outlet is working on the behest of the foreign agency of Pakistan’s eastern neighbor. It also has been funded by the UK government in the past. This channel being run under Mir Khalil ur Rehman Trust has been criticized by various analysts and researchers, for promoting foreign agendas in Pakistan.

Social Media is platform to reckon with, clearly showing the attitude of people. The more we dig deep in the social media, the clearer image we get about what people want. The ‘AMAN KI ASHA’ initiative is just not accepted in any quarter of the Pakistani society, and has been rephrased as ‘AMAN KA TAMASHA’.

The media outlets should be responsible enough to work in accordance with the laws of the land, constantly striving to secure national interest. They should raise important issues of national level, rather than insignificant individualistic issues. They should push government to work for the betterment of the people by pointing the issues. Talk shows should focus on finding the solutions rather than exaggerate them. The regulatory authorities should also play its role in monitoring and reprimanding such media houses, working against the law, the national interest and the national policy.

is a business graduate, working as a professional banker. He takes keen interest in the economics and socio-political affairs of Pakistan. Moiz Khan tweets @moizkhans

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  1. Truely put,its about time someone should set the media right, the freedom enjoined to the media has been utterly misused in the country, and there seems to be no way to hold it accountable…

  2. Freedom of speech is not subjected to any so called National interest, Media should be responsible and accuracy of news should be ensured.
    comples issues need research, indepth understanding and constant struggle they can’t be sorted out throug media.
    Media should not have an biased approach to any specific issue, no a days anchor of electronic media consider them selves true scolors in reality their knowledge and understanding is very limited, their point of view is influenced and in the era of commercialization media sells it self for a better price.
    geniune issues are neglected and labour class is not being represented in the media at all

  3. i personally think u have touched quite a lot of topics i want to add some points like “agar aage barhna hai tou alif be jeem pe yaqeen rakhna hai” program and also the last headline of geo news always belong to katrina personal life.

  4. Undoubtedly, it is well written article pointing a very valid reason, in my opinion, showing exactly the verge of destruction that the nation is facing. Nonetheless this influx and free flow of information is the sinful guilt of the globalization phenomena and seems unstoppable. In actuality “Media outlets” as mentioned in the article are not, unfortunately, limited to TV broadcasting rather it has many other forms via Internet such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Rightwing, Leftwing propaganda channels and verity of newspapers. Unfortunately Pakistani leadership seems oblivious with this TV broadcasting media outlets which is funded and politicized by many powerful forces and shutting down the all other aforementioned outlets. Nevertheless it is very hard to shut down all these media outlets to avoid discombobulating. I guess what is needed here is the progressive promotion of cultural and traditional values with education and awareness. Technology can be a boon or curse based on how one perceives and uses it for betterment of masses or self indulgence and gain.

  5. I 100 % agree wid u and adding 1 thing more that paki media is so mean as u all knw how they treat Mr parvaiz musharaf now who shine the media industry in pak.

  6. Another good effort, though I usually disagree with the usual Media bashing. It was good to see that the article was concluded constructively, with suggestions as to the solutions to be pursued rather than mere bashing.

    Keep it up.

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