Mecca, Taj Mahal are temples, claims India’s controversial Hindu Mahasabha calendar


In a controversial move, the Hindu Mahasabha in Aligarh has released a controversial Hindu New Year calendar in which seven mosques and monuments from the Mughal era, including the Taj Mahal, and the holy Muslim site of Mecca, have been referred to as “Hindu temples”, said a media report.

While Taj Mahal has been referred to as “Tejo Mahalaya temple”, Mecca has been called the “Macceshwar Mahadev temple”, mentioned the report published in Times of India.

Similarly, Madhya Pradesh’s Kamal Maula Mosque has been referred to as “bhojshala” and Kashi’s Gyanvyapi mosque has been called the “Vishwanath temple”, Qutab Minar “Vishnu Stambh”, Jaunpur’s Atala mosque “Atla devi temple” and the demolished Babri Masjid in Ayodhya as “Ram Janam Bhoomi”, said the report.

“We have organised ‘hawan’ rituals on the auspicious New year of the Hindu calendar and resolved to make this country a Hindu Rashtra,” report quoted Hindu Mahasabha national secretary Pooja Shakun Pandey as having said.

Pandey said that she hoped that the government will accept their demand and declare India a Hindu nation, while Muslims had plundered Hindu religious heritage sites and had turned them to mosques by changing their names accordingly, said the report.

“They should now have to give these back to Hindus and we will restore their original names, as mentioned in the new calendar,” the report quoted Pandey as having said.

She as per the report also claimed that all names mentioned in the calendar have been verified by historian BP Saxena, a retired professor from the history department of Varshney College, Aligarh.

Saxena claimed that facts can prove beyond doubt that these seven religious heritage sites belong to Hindus, mentioned the report.

He said according the report that if there is any controversy, excavations should be conducted, just like in the Ram temple case, and evidence will be there for all to see.


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