Martyrs of Pakistan Army: Captain Naveed Khan Wazir


He belonged to the Wazir tribe from North Waziristan. Currently, his family lives in Wah Cantonment, but they often visit North Waziristan, where Captain Naveed Khan Wazir is buried.


In his childhood, he was not like most other children of his times. He was a polite and solemn boy with a habit of deep thinking. As a responsible child of his parents, he took care of his mother and younger siblings, and voluntarily performed the household chores. He had not many outdoor activities. Having few friends, he mostly used to stay at home and reading was his only hobby, sometimes accompanied with watching TV. He was never seen in a temper. He kept his patience and composure and had a firm hold over his temper, often at times when others would find it difficult.

His sister, describing his loving personality, said, “He was a loving brother and a loving son. I remember that one particular day, he was lovingly looking at mother’s face. He continued to look at her until he was asked why he was constantly looking at her face. He replied that he had read that looking at the parents with love is equal to an accepted Hajj, so he was trying to get this reward.

He wanted to become a doctor by profession, because his father did not wanted him to join Pakistan Army, since most parents wish their children to join a profession with no risk to life; so his plans were very different initially.
He had proved himself a hard working, passionate student – passionate to do something that has not been done before. His sleepless nights and his negligence of his own health and diet gave a glimpse of the fire that was ablaze in his heart and was meant to illuminate all around him. He did not speak much and was naturally quiet, which was perhaps a result of the realisation that life was not a mere enjoyment but a responsibility.

At the age of 19, after completing his intermediate education, he appeared in the ISSB test and was selected to serve his land and to be among the fortunate defenders of this land. His duty was decided and his fate was destined, so he joined the 67 Punjab Regiment whose slogan is ‘Fakhr-e-Sehra’. At the age of 21, he started his duty from Bahawalpur, and then, he was transferred to Quetta where he stayed for some time. Now he was 25, and he had to spend two years in hard areas; but his courage was harder than these areas. He had completed almost two years of duty in hard areas; and when he embraced martyrdom, he was only a month short of completing two years; and a month later, his unit shifted from the area.

After joining the Army, another change appeared in his personality. Now he was more patriotic, more concerned with the matters of his beloved country, more desirous to do something to prove his love for it – the overwhelming love which was evident from most of his conversations with his family and friends. His sister narrated that he described to her the war Pakistan is facing from an undisclosed enemy, the involvement of foreign handlers in this game and that most of the terrorists they come across are neither Muslims nor locals; all these expressions showing his keen observation and resolute in the eradication of terrorism from Pakistan.

He passed most of his time in the Tirah valley of Khyber agency where he and most of his colleagues embraced martyrdom. Tirah valley, as indicated by its name, is a valley, where the top positions were already occupied by the terrorists, so when the Army proceeded with its troops, they had to face huge damage due to the firing from the terrorists holding the positions at the top.

Captain Naveed Khan Wazir had another innate quality – his bravery. He was an extraordinarily brave son of the soil. His sister, quoting him as he used to say most of the time, said, “Always remember one thing in your life; some people die before death, while there are others who never die, not even after their death. Never be one of those who die before death due to fear or lack of hope or courage. Never lose your will and your courage.” And he proved it at the time when he was chosen to be a martyr, when the people witnessed his bravery, courage and his iron nerves. He was shot in his head on the evening of Thursday, March 13. Two bullets were enough to take his life from him, but he kept smiling to boost the morale of his comrades who were getting impatient to see him in pain while bad weather prevented from shifting him to Peshawar. He had to spend one day and one night without any medical assistance, with his head bleeding, while his very desire of martyrdom was about to be fulfilled, which kept him steadfast and patient. All the time that that he was conscious, he insisted that he was doing fine, that there was nothing to worry about and that everything would be alright. His NCB said that he bled continuously through the night that he spent at Tirah valley, but he did not lose his courage or patience, he instead kept his calm and insisted that he was alright and that there was nothing to worry about. On the next morning, i.e., Friday, March 14, he was shifted to Peshawar by a helicopter, but by then, he had bled so much that it caused him to embrace martyrdom.

When he embraced martyrdom, he had been in the Pakistan Army for five years. He was a captain, and only two days ago, he had appeared in an exam for the post of a major; when he returned to his unit, he was called for the operation in Tirah valley.

The last time that he visited home, he seemed to be having the feeling that it was his last visit perhaps. He advised his mother to observe patience if he comes back a martyr, and he told her of his strong desire to attain the status of a martyr and serve his country with his life. He had been worried about the ongoing situation and the terrorism in Pakistan. He asked his mother to pray for him that his sacrifice would not go in vain if he could sacrifice his life for his country.

He was shot on March 13, and he was admitted to CMH Peshawar on March 14. He survived the first operation, but after the second one, he did not regain his consciousness and embraced martyrdom on April 8. His strongest desire was fulfilled. The news was a great shock for his parents and family who were unable to accept the reality, that they had seen their brave son for the last time. His sister, expressing the feelings of those moments, said:

“Initially, we were unable to believe the news. The doctors operating on him had already informed my father that there were very few chances of his survival, but my mother was not able to accept the fact until she got the news. She was feeling sure that her son would soon be standing with his smiling face before her eyes. But when Allah blesses someone with a grade, He first makes him capable of it. We were broken with pain, but there was also a pride that our brother has been raised to the highest status a believer can hope for, it was a pride for us that we are the family of a shaheed, and that we have sacrificed the most precious thing in the way of Allah and for this beloved motherland.

Captain Naveed Khan Wazir embraced martyrdom at the age of 25, and he was not married or engaged at the time. He was not only his father’s son but his right hand. He was like a friend for his father; and his father, who had lost the hope of his life, was standing calm, with pride on his face, while receiving the body of his brave son. His sister said that her father had not a single tear in his eyes, and till date, she never saw her father crying before anyone.

To a question about her feelings when people say something negative against Pakistan Army or its operation against its own people, his sister replied:

“When someone has sacrificed all the assets of his/her life, and despite this, he/she sees no acknowledgement from the people they sacrificed it for, it really hurts, and it hurts a lot. People raise questions today  whether the Pakistan Army personnel giving their lives for the country are shaheed or not. I believe that reality and the truth is the one that your heart acknowledges, and my heart says that my brother is a shaheed because he laid his life in the way of Allah while protecting the land known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, with the slogan of ‘la ilaha illa-Allah, Muhammad-ur-rasool-Allah’. How can he not be a shaheed when he gave his life for such a sacred land?”

“This sacrifice is not the sacrifice of a single person. It is the sacrifice of the whole family; all the people directly related to the person sacrifice with him. Do not consider it the sacrifice of a single person; an elder son is the supporter of his family, the right hand of his father. In old age, parents need the support of their strong sons, they need to hand over their responsibilities to them; they need financial, emotional and social support. All these are sacrificed along with that person; but people do not value or acknowledge this sacrifice, instead, they debate whether it is a shahadat or not.” Her voice trembled; it made my heart swell and tears of heartfelt respect rolled down my eyes. My questions were over, but the love and respect – respect for Pakistan Army and the families that sacrifice their sons and their future for the homeland, for peace, for the protection of our lives and for the future of our coming generations – was overwhelmingly increased. Yes, these sacrifices are worth being acknowledged by everybody with their heart and soul. May Allah bless Pakistan.

is a Quaid-e-Azam University Graduate and tweets at @zjaral.

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  1. This is a true Mujahid a true Shaheed.
    Shaheed never die they live on.

    Our brother was beautiful, kind, loving and courageous the enemy are deceitful, horrid and cruel and the epitome over evil as they use Islam to justify their evil.

    Our brother rest in peace.

    The nation must not lose resolve and extinguish these rats back to their hell holes in Nuristan and extinguish the fat rat on the pay of foreign states misguiding naive stupid fools and defaming Islam in acts of evil.

    Captain Naveed we salute you and send our du’a and salaam to you and to your courageous family.

    You are the real face of beautiful Waziristan and not the khwareej that hide in beautiful waziri hills and mountain and amongst true Waziris to make Waziristan a bloody battle ground.

    People of Waziristan facing hardship and inconvenience, struggling the nation owes you a debt of gratitude. We love you and love Waziristan but a price has to be paid to restore Wazoristan to its former glory and every foreign rat needs to be found and vanquished and their caves / dwelling uprooted.

    The nation must come together and support the brave people of Waziristan with love, compassion, food, water and shelter for their brothers of the soil and den and pay the price for all of our freedoms.

    We can not stop the operation against the terrorist who kill with impunity but destroy the message of Islam through their evil acts. The operation must continue until the last rat is dead but WE all must reach out to our brothers and sisters and offer our services to ensure they are cared for.

    • Yes indeed. He is the true face of Waziris. The whole Pakistan and real natives of waziristan are with Pakistan Army to wipe out this Fitna from Pakistan. InshaAllah

  2. بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم
    پاکستان نور ھے ۔ نور کو زوال نہیں

    27th December 2011
    References of Ghazwa-e-Hind Ahadith (By Orya Maqbool Jaan)
    غزوۂ ہند سے متعلق احادیث کی اسناد

    Oriya Maqbool Jaan provided the Asnad of Ghazwa-e-Hind Ahadith when people asked him to give reference of Hadith in his article (See Article Shah Naimat’s Predictions and Ghazwa-e-Hind Hadith). Although this is an old article but must read as it is a continuation of previous article.

    Allahu akbar…, I really have no words to express my feelings ..but I want to say that He Was and Alhamdolillah he is SHAHEEN and a true Mard e Momin .and He’s alive.His story reminds me of Syeddina Ali r.a .
    whenever we read abt Shaheeds or Our Proud Ghazis my heart bleeds but i feel proud and thankfull too.its a mixed feelings one can’t interpret feelings in words….
    Our ghazis and Our Shaheeds are Our Real heroes .We believe that Ghazwa e Hind is near and those who have sacrificed their lives with the intention of ghazwa e hind. ON THE DAY OF Judgement they will be brought and will stand with the martyrs of ghazwa e hind .(“With those who physically particapted in ghazwa e hind).

    Ishq ko faryad lazim thi so wo ho chuki
    Ab zra dil tham kr faryad ki taseer dekh.

    Ghazwatul Hind (Arabic:غزوة الهند , “War of Hind”) also known as Ghazwa-e-Hind (Persian/Urdu:غزوه هند) is a prophesied battle in which Muslim armies would invade Indian subcontinent and would be victorious and will establish Islamic law in the subcontinent. The war is confirmed by several Hadiths.

    We are proud of our Armed forces .We Love them by all our heart .and we mean it .
    And In shaa Allah when the time comes we will also live with dignity and die wid honor .
    We are with You .

    Nhi hi naumeed apni kashte weeran se
    Zra nam ho tu ye matti bari zarheez hi saki.

    Raaz E Kunfakan.

  3. A real picture of life wo donate their life who lov othr instead of himself….
    A realyyyy pride….
    Althoug tym is vry tuf fr family bcz pain culdnt b distributd…..
    Actuly cant….
    Mother hv hope he vl come again hug her kis hr see hr fr long timee….
    Father is w8ng fr sharng burdn …….
    Fr discusing plans….
    Fr imp issues of family whr he needs u……
    He trust u….. Who is there to replace….
    Brothr is watchng othr faces nd try to snatch from there….
    Lov u remembr u……
    Want to tym wd u tell hm the way of escape yr memoreis…..
    He realy cant evn frm morn to nxt morn he just thnk u feel u hug u kis u ……….u r best bro….
    Sisterz r totly gona mad bcz u r evry thng u r realy ideal fr urs sis..
    Why they daily see u feel u…
    Thy want ur beutiful voice…
    Thy want ur smiles ..
    Thy want yr side lov…..
    Thy want u wd thy become out side….
    Thy want yr securty….
    Thy want u just listn dreams abut u nd only u just listen smile hug…
    Thy want tht celebrtns of ur mrg which u all siblings plan togthr……
    Thy want u evry whr whr othr brothrs stood….
    Thy lov u more thn herslf….
    It shws….
    Whn thy alone gathrng grif hapines parties just serchng u evry whr…..
    U r the one who cant b forgtbl fr a while……
    Althoug yr ranks r high in jannah u r enjyong u r celebrtng….
    But thy all mis u alot coz u mean alot fr cntry fr frnds fr family fr siblngs fr parnts u r rely hero…….
    Lov u bro…….
    I realy proud of u ……
    At the end whn taught its desion of my Great Allah who can say who can speek any thng he is the one who can do whtever he want
    Nd we r humbly accept
    Thnx Allah
    Thnxs bro…..
    But still mis u…….😢

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