Maoist Rebels Controlling Half of India.



‘Blast kills 4 soldiers in Jaipur city’; ‘several soldiers shot dead fighting with unidentified persons’; ‘few soldiers get wounded in face to face combat with some armed men in Assam’. You never hear such kind of news about India, because government of India always tries to hide such news causing conflict on the LoC and create an issue just to divert the attention of their nation.

In 1960s few people living in jungles of Assam started a movement against the brutality of India. In a very short period of time they took control of western Bengal and then became silent for some time. Many so-called analysts had thought that this movement had come to an end, but it wasn’t true, this fire came out after some time once again. The Maoist Rebels came out of their hideouts and reinitiated their activities against the brutal government of India in several states. Today, almost 11 states are under their control and India law enforcement agencies are helpless, as they have failed to control such movements.

Maoist Rebels have a different way of operation, before they were just doing bomb blasts on railway tracks, attacking convoy and military camps. But for last couple of months they have changed their strategy and have started activities that show they have gained a lot of power and support from the locals of the areas where they live and hide themselves.

Urban areas of India are in danger from such movements and educated youth which was the most favourite target of the former government are now the biggest target of Maoist Rebels. Half of the total Indian Population don’t have the facility of toilets, 35% of Indian population is living on roads as they have no homes. India is emerging as a big market for the international investors but all of them are just limited to few cities which are also not safe from the Maoist Rebels. Indian government are always hesitant to take any strong action against the Maoist Rebels as they are Indian citizens and usage of Army against own citizens could lead to a big protest or an anti India movement which could be disastrous for the state.

There is a great pressure on Indian authorities to take severe actions against the rebels, just as they are doing in Jammu and Kashmir against the Huriyyat leaders and freedom fighters. One of the Indian military commander who is leading the operation against Rebels, thinks that India can control Maoist Rebels without any specific operation. But it has simply proved to be day dreaming, as India has been unable to control this movement since 1980. India is avoiding any kind of Ariel strikes against these rebels as it fears that this will cause the Maoist Rebels to get more support from the locals and more people will join them. Come what may, the current scenario shows that Maoist Rebels will soon increase in strength.

India who has been dreaming for the permanent membership of UNSC is facing serious issues regarding the security of its nuclear program. In a recent incident a worker of India’s nuclear power plant killed 3 colleagues in office; I wonder if the nuclear program of India is secure then how did that man successfully smuggle those weapons inside the premises? A point of concern for the international community must be whether or not India’s nuclear programme is safe. And what would be the consequences if Maoist Rebels gained access to Indian Nukes?



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  1. These Bhindians keep harping about Pakistan, sure we have our problems because of covert support Indians are providing to the zombies who are blowing themselves up, but yindoos should worry about India which will soon collapse if they dont take radical steps.

  2. You ask that “And what would be the consequences if Maoist Rebels gained access to Indian Nukes?” …?
    Answer: Pakistan and its citizens like Qasim Mehmood will meet your “Allah” (the Devil) much SOONER than you will like!

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