Mango exports expected to increase in 2017-18



Pakistan can potentially earn $68-70 million through mango exports to Western and Middle Eastern markets this year, according to Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Regional Chairman of Horticulture Exports Committee Ahmad Jawad.

“I think mango exports this year should be equal to, or even greater than, last year’s due to higher demand from the Far East and our traditional Middle Eastern and Western markets,” Jawad predicted.

Mango exports from India made their maiden entry into South Korean market but received poor reception due to complaints of quality and packaging.

Complaints over India’s Alphonso variety were also raised in the European Union (EU), which can further boost sales of Pakistani mangoes in European markets.

Mango exports during 2016-17 totalled 128,000 tons valued at $68 million, according to a statement.

Jawad also highlighted the adoption of innovative business practices by local exporters such as forming partnerships with local airlines of target countries and using e-commerce to explore and exploit those markets.

Such steps have already yielded results with a prominent exporter selling 55 tons of mangoes in the US alone due to improved supply and distribution by partnering with a local airline and taking orders via website

Such steps require government support according to Jawad since exports become highly sensitive to transportation rates.

“Under these circumstances, the government should give a subsidy on air freight charges,” he proposed.

Appreciating the establishment and role of Mango Research and Development Board (MRDB) in Punjab, he said that registration of 10 known varieties at the Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department would further boost mango exports in the years to come.














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