India not a secular state : Karnataka and Mangalore colleges bans burqa in class


The decision taken by the management said that girls will not be allowed to attend classes in burqas.

the sanctimonious education world gets maligned when any religious controversy interferes with it. A similar controversy came in a college of Mangaluru (Mangalore) where Hijabs got banned in the college premises. Srinivas group of colleges issued a circular directing the female students not to wear burqa while in the premises.

As the notice came, protest followed in the campus by Muslim students, parents, and activists. Protestors said the Muslim women were forced to give up their religious practices. They blamed the authorities for violating the fundamental rights of the constitution.

Protestors did not only grilled over the hijab issue, they also said the Muslim men were also prohibited from growing bear. Also, they were dissatisfied with the decision of authorities of not increasing the lunch breaks on Friday. Students said because of short breaks on Friday they could not do Juma prayers. Now, students are refusing to attend class and continuing their protest.

Also, the irregularities in the decision made students more furious. A first-year student of Pharmacy Department said the authorities showed a biased nature by allowing wearing burqa to the seniors.

The protest got supported by the Campus Front of India (CFI). CFI district president, Mohammed Athaulla, said the decision of the college in unconstitutional. He said Muslim students were also targeted before over the hijab issue and others which make students mentally disturbed.

Also, the CFI demanded some rights before the college in which female students should be allowed burqa in the classrooms, no classes should be conducted when students go to Juma prayers and male students should be allowed to increase their beard.

The authorities said it will take two weeks to sort out the issue while the vice president of Srinivas group of colleges, A Srinivas Rao, said the rule of banning burqa came under the ‘uniform dress code’ implementation. He further said the students should do their prayers in the lunch break and not whenever they desired.

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