Malala always welcome in India, says Shiv Sena


Despite opposing good relations with Pakistan, Hindu right-wing party Shiv Sena said on Wednesday said it will always welcome child activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousufzai to India as she stood up against terrorists.

“I want to tell all peacemakers in India that Shiv Sena and Saamna has appreciated the efforts and the struggle carried by Malala against terrorism in Pakistan. If Malala comes to India, Shiv Sena would also welcome her,” Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said in Mumbai

“People like Kasuri and Hafiz Saeed spread terrorism and violence against India whereas there is a small girl like Malala, who is still fighting against terrorism and has won the Nobel Peace Prize for the same,” he added.

Further, Raut said, “So, if she is welcomed in India, it would send a great message to all Pakistan lovers in India that terrorism should not be promoted, instead it should be dealt with harshly.”

Malala, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner, had recently said she wished to pay a visit to India, especially to Delhi and Mumbai, to inspire young girls there.

After Ghulam Ali’s concert was cancelled under pressure by Shiv Sena last week, the Hindu extremist group on Monday stormed the offices of the Indian cricket board in Mumbai and cancelled talks between cricketing bosses of the two countries. It also issued threats to Pakistani celebrities including Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan.

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