Magnificent Pakistan of 2017


In 1930, one of the greatest philosophers of the subcontinent presented a vision. A vision that seemed impossible to the Muslims of sub-continent. Nevertheless, like a true man of wisdom, he created an illusion, which was so tangible but through his addresses, statements, poetry, and literature that the Muslims of the subcontinent started believing in this concept and were ready to lay their lives for it. On the contrary, in order to assert more concreteness to this envisioning, he shared the brilliance of this idea with none other than the vivacious lawyer, politician, and an eloquent spokesperson for the Muslim community of Hindustan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. He was the man who Providence appointed to lead the nation of over 100 Million Muslims of the subcontinent into realizing their beliefs. They entitled it “Pakistan”, the land of the pure. For Muslims of the subcontinent, this marvel took place at the most fortunate moment for the Muslims. The 27th eve of the month of Ramadan, 1366 Hijri, also referred to as Lailatul Qadr (under popular Muslim belief), which was August 14, 1947, brought a dawn of Freedom from the British rule and the brutality of the fascist Hindus.

Nonetheless, we have come a long way today. We have fought numerous wars directly and indirectly against the states that have had 5 to 10 time’s influential than our military might. However, we have confronted economic, technological, strategic sanctions for making our defense capabilities invulnerable. As a nation, we have sidelined on several international forums merely because we turn out to be a Nuclear Power regardless of being a Muslim country. Formerly, this privilege confined to non-Muslim countries of the world, which used to be the superpower of the World. The journey to becoming Nuclear Arms bearing country was in itself a perilous endeavor. Wherein numerous attempts made by opponents of the country to target our Nuclear Facilities and chastise us for acquiring defense capabilities of our choosing.

On the other hand, when those attempts met abject failure, a proxy war was imposed upon us within 3 years of declaring ourselves a nuclear armed state. The proxy war led the entire country into the abyss of war. Unfortunately, the War brings about destruction not just to the infrastructure of a state, but damages the goodwill of the country as a whole. Such happenings raise question marks on the credibility of defense and other national institutions, create an overall public sentiment of disparity, and paint a bleak picture of a bright future. All the Pakistanis who have witnessed the first 15 years of the 21st century are aware of what we have been through the years 2001 to 2015. While the West turned out to be the extraordinarily generous towards our neighbours in terms of economic and technological favors, they were outlying millions of dollars in auxiliary anarchists inside our territory.

Nevertheless, the resilience of this valiant nation, their trust on National Institutions, their ability to bounce back from the saddest chapters of history – and their will to rise from the ashes, is not as much of as the miracle this nation embraced on August 14, 1947.

Fortuitously, it’s August 14 once again. Our Nation turns 70. In the history of Nations, it is almost as if Pakistan just entered the adolescent and is heading towards a very promising youth. With economic indicators promising a bright future, strategic and long term goals concluding towards a positive note and with a thriving generation of proud patriotic Pakistanis. As a resilient nation, we are now ready to revive ourselves into the same Nation that Dr Mohammad Iqbal envisioned in his wise words. The Nation that Mohammad Ali Jinnah claimed would never undo.

We are heading towards Shaandaar Pakistan. The Pakistan, which will rise as a prosperous state, recognizes no bounds in socio-economic development. The country, where Justice will be the new standard of establishing peace, not just within borders but beyond borders as well. A country where Defense will no longer be the responsibility of the Armed Forces only, but every Young Pakistani will strive to defend the country in every aspect, regardless of circumstances and outcome. Pakistan will uprise as a state where; technological advancement and research will be the new benchmark of educational Institutions, the religion of Islam will no longer be a mere ideology but a way of living. Pakistan will be an entity, where respecting difference of opinion will be the new way to learn from each other, and where efforts of Patriots on all fronts will safeguarded and appreciated by the State.

Welcome to the Grand Pakistan of 2017. Pakistan Paayendabad.

is Software Engineer from University of Huddersfield, UK. Working as Integrated Solutions Consultant in Saudi Arabia

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