Maalik has touched the nerves of Government


Social media is flooded with the criticism and appreciation of recently released Pakistani movie; Maalik which was initially banned in Sindh, now after 3 weeks of its release and successful screening Federal Censor Board banned it across the country.  The movie is action, drama and thrill based and shows the connection between the civilian government and military. The movie and its producer Mr. Aashir Azeem facing the criticism due to showing the real faces of politicians and their illegal monopolies in politics.
Nonetheless, he produced an incomparable masterpiece “Dhuaan” in 80’s so how the audience didn’t expect the absurd piece from him for big screen. However, plot wasn’t much admirable but the storyline was quite good than those comedy or action movies which confuses the audiences till end.

Federal Censor Board has banned Maalik after three weeks of its release due to showing faces of politicians and raising sensitive issues and movie doesn’t match the criteria of censor board. This kind of reasons raises a question in the mind of  patriotic audience that; Does other comedy, drama or action movies filled with cheap comedy, filthy and unmatched to situation dialogues, item numbers, lack of co-ordination between actors and confused storyline were acceptable to the censor board?
Can we watch those cheap comedy movies with our family? Absolutely not!
So why criticize Maalik for showing the reality?
Nevertheless, Hollywood and Bollywood also produced several movies based on Corruption and Sensitive issues of their society, doesn’t created the chaos in their country, because they are aware of the consequences and face it daringly.

Moreover, the movie got rating 9.2 out of 10 at IMDb. The rating clearly shows the choice of viewers. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the Indian movies got much positive reviews and made billions business in Pakistan but the Pakistani made movie got banned and criticized because of showing the reality. Closing eyes like pigeon from reality of a society is not the solution. Just after the ban of Maalik, public abruptly starts to support the movie and continuously on social media and expressing their anger towards the government due to their  antagonizing act and continuously combining the movie with ISPR and Pak Army. Ban on Maalik is provoking public to speak against the establishment, and it some how shows the doubiousness of government.

Yet another reason for banning the movie is the dauntless role of ex-Army personnel’s working in a Security company after retirement have been shown, which is equally acceptable by even the critics. No one can deny from this fact that, our Army peers works with bravery, determination and audacity. Apart from these critics also relates the movie with the murder of ex-Punjab Governor Salman Taseer by his own security guard. A lot of movies have created such type of stories in which the influential people got killed by their security guards or by any close relative. Moreover, several visuals showed the efforts of  serving Army officials and retired Army officials working for the betterment of Pakistan, and the role of  Police was politicized due to the influential political leaders which is partially true but from such type of role we can’t raise a question on the credibility, dauntlessness and fortitude of Pakistan’s Police. They are also performing their duties with lion heartedness and determination, cursing them due to the acts of few of their peers is injustice with them. Role of Pak Army in the betterment of Pakistan is undeniable, spectators of the movie also agreed to this point.

In the end, I wanted to appreciate the efforts of Team of Maalik especially Mr. Aashir Azeem for producing a masterpiece for Pakistani cinema. Yet we need such type of movies which empowers the nation and shows the efforts of a soldier towards his country. The movie didn’t create a dangerous situation for the democracy and viewers should not amalgamate it with political system of Pakistan. Accepting the movie with its flaws and facts will encourage other directors to give a magnum opus for Pakistani audience. We ( people of Pakistan) eagerly want that the government should up lift the ban from such an amazing movie of  Pakistan to support the Pakistani cinema and work for its growth. Undoubtedly, serving the nation is more complicated than simple following of orders.

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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