Lt. Faiz Sultan Malik Shaheed


An area called “Dhanni” around Chakwal has been a breeding ground for soldiers for centuries. Every household has at least either a young man serving or old souls retired from the armed forces. From village Maghal in the area, Subedar Malik Sahib Khan Awan served in “Bawanja” an elite Piffer Regiment; for thirty years. As he retired, his son Faiz Sultan joined the regiment as Second Lieutenant to carry the baton of martial tradition to the next generation. This promising son of Chakwal was born on 03September 1985. According to mother of shaheed, she always used to feed him after taking ablution (wazo). That’s why; it seems that ALLAH Almighty endowed him with distinguished virtues of patriotism and loyalty to nation. And he got special blessings of Almighty to cope up with all challenges with special kind of courage.


Lt Faiz was eldest among his five siblings. He obtained  his education from Military College Jhelum, which is known as nursery of brave and professional soldiers and later on  passed out from Pakistan Military Academy (115 PMA L /C) with flying colours as he was a Company Junior Under Officer .


As a young boy, Faiz Sultan started writing his diaries in Military College Jhelum. His continued scribbling for eight years since class 8th, gathered into a huge volume of material. Going through these diaries reveal his process of constant growth from age thirteen to twenty two. The language and thought process is seen maturing with passing days and years. His diaries reveal his constant concern for his family as well as for the country’s increasing turmoil. He was always worried for his sibling’s education, wellbeing, health and future. Once on leave he would spend most of his time with his sisters and mother.


One of his diaries has been published by the title “AKHRI DUS DIN” (Last Ten Days) that is undoubtedly embodiment of his true feelings and love for Pakistan. It starts from the heart wrenching words “We Die, So You May Live” that reflect the spirit of sacrifice that this brave soldier had in his heart. His whole diary went through the amazing path of intuition, devotion & dedication. He had strict habit of self- reappraisal. And so, his diary seems to be reflecting the every folly he committed, every lapse he made and every correction he sought.

Lt Faiz was great admirer of Hazrat Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah; “one day he  told his (sisters) that he was preparing for Day of Judgment, when ALLAH the Almighty shall address Hazrat Quaid-i-Azam with the words “Well Done Jinnah!”, then he showed his wish to be addressed with the words by The Almighty “Well Attempted Faiz!”.


His whole life is replete with such things which distinguishes him from others as well as reveals that he had intuition regarding his final destiny. His whole diary is testimony to it. He also wrote in his diary;

“We stay awake on the borders so that you (the countrymen) enjoy fearless sleep & when we sleep with souls at rest….. The country is proud of us”.


He sent text message to his mother before his shahadat, “I left home in khaki and came back in Sabazz Hilali….I have lost nothing but got everything that I desired”, which is also displayed with his Photo on the wall of Army Recruitment Center Rawalpindi. This passionate son of soil told to his mother in his last telephone call, “Mother! Being a daughter in law of a Soldier, Wife of a soldier & Mother of a soldier, if you ever get any sad news then dear mother stand firm like the mountain of patience.”


Lt Faiz was resolute in his mission of eliminating the enemies of this nation with his full might and vigour. He knew very well about the fate of hazardous operation and he knew that he might have to lay down his life while accomplishing the insurmountable task in the difficult terrain. Then also he volunteered for “Operation SherDil” at (Mohmand Agency) and prepared himself well with weaponry as per need of the hour. His determination to serve his motherland reached to apex, when he led his men with exemplary motivation & successfully got control of two ridges, named ZaraySar & Sur Qammar from where terrorists used to control whole Mohmand Agency. Lt Faiz rescued an injured soldier as well. This determined son of soil remained cool and perfectly compact while going through all difficulties in order to achieve his greater goal of SHAHADAT.


On 11th June 2009, at the time of Asar Lt Faiz Sultan Malik embraced shahadat on spot by utterance of final words “ALLAH-O-AKBAR “ and receiving 22 bullets in his chest after leading a successful operation. And 35 terrorists were reportedly killed in this operation (ISPR). His body remained there on mountain slope for two days but it remained fresh as if he was falling asleep. His body is evacuated by a platoon of FC and on 13th June 2009, his parents received his “Jaside-e-khaki” wrapped in SabzHilali, with salute & with the words of” SHUKAR ALHAMDULLILAH”, which depicts zenith of their Eman and Patriotism. Lt Faiz is buried in his village named Maghal in Chakwal District. He has been awarded with gallantry award of Sitara-i-Basalat posthumously in year 2011 by President of Pakistan.


Back home his younger brother Habib Sultan cleared his preliminary examination for Pakistan Military Academy to join 124 PMA Long Course on 11 June, 2009, the day his elder brother had fallen in the line of duty. By the grace of Allah Almighty he joined the same Regiment, 4 Frontier Force in year 2011 and carried along the rich tradition of thirty years of dedication by his father and footprints soaked in blood by his Brother Faiz. At present, he is employed in operations in FATA and combating the menace of terrorism with same dedication.


Mostly families of the officers and men employed on the front are people of limited means but abundant hearts. They offer their sons one after others for the most sacred duty. They hold on to a tradition of sacrifice that is continuing for generations. Till the time we have fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, wives and children of such abundant hearts; this nation need not fear any adversity. We shall come out succeeding always!

At the end I would like to pay tribute to my elder brother Lt Faiz Sultan Malik Shaheed S.Bt. on the auspicious eve of his 8th Shahadat anniversary by my poetic content;


Whenever I feel lonely

My brother! I miss you only

Almighty ALLAH has fulfilled my prayer

Faiz ! Your dare was really, really rare

You were strong & bold enough

You gave the enemy time very tough

You led your troops from the front

As Pakistan runs in your blood like a current

From very young age you set your ambition

Faiz! You fulfilled your duty according to Quaid’s vision

For you, your country was above all

So you said Wilcoo at country’s call

Faiz! You were eager for your ambition to attain

I am sure the proud of you too, the two mountains

When the Almighty ALLAH blessed you with the marigold on your grave

For martyrdom like you we all crave

Whenever I shut your memories door

My brother! I miss you more & more



is a research scholar/poetess and she has a keen interest in counter- terrorism narrative, national security ,and Indo-Pak relations.

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    Col Munawar Ahmad

    A nice and very emotional write up. Eman Bayta it brought tears in my eyes. Lt Faiz scrificed his life for the country and Lt Habit is still serving . While your brothers have excelled in their lives, you r no less than them. U too are doing a great job. I pray Almighty to give more strength to expression and you continuing fighting the battle of hearts. Best of luck.

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    I am from swat , I met subidar SB and your small brother in 2019 in Rawalpindi, the way he narrate his son martyrdom story was sentimental, I burst into tear , whenever I read my diary your father word touch and motivate me. may Allah bless you and your family. Keep it up sister.

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