Love to Love and be Loved



Allah loves you more than you are able to fully know. He loves you more than you love yourself. There are no bounds to that love.

Now the question is, do you truly love yourself?

Most of us do not even know that we have to love ourselves. So most of the time, our love is a copied one, that is ,we see people around us, like our parents or our family members, and then we follow them or pretend that we do love people around us. Whereas love cannot be copied, it is an inbuilt emotion gifted by Allah to his creation, and it is natural. We have inherited love by default. One of the most powerful and beautiful gifts on the planet.

So before loving anyone else, first you have to love yourself as love originates from a self that is your being.

Now why has it become important for us to talk about love?

Islam, and all other religions, talk about love from centuries; we do talk about the divine love of God, but unfortunately, we do not understand about self-love and mutual love, as our focus is towards material and martial values. We do not educate people on the subject, we mostly do not talk about the subject, whereas it is one of the strongest emotions and blessings among the human race, but mostly you see hate and then jealousy and so on and so forth.

In our cultures, you will mostly hear young people talking about love with respect to girls and boys; but with the development of social media, internet and cable, now sex is being promoted as love and the real love is fading out; so it has become more important that we educate ourselves and our young generation about love. Love should not be only restricted to only young couples; rather, the scope of love is infinite.

Actually love starts from yourself. You have to prove to yourself that you love your being. You care for him. You listen to your body; you listen to your emotions. You are honest with yourself. You respect yourself and you value yourself. You have to treat yourself and it is a complete being, and it has equal rights as of others, you have all the rights as you feel for others. You give time to yourself. . So when you will start loving yourself, your complete perception will change; and you will start noticing structural changes in your body, not limited to yourself, but with respect to others. You will enter into another whole new dimension, which you have never tasted nor experienced before. Life will start bestowing its blessings onto you.

So salvation of a human being is in the love and through love. It opens the gates for humanity, happiness and joy. You will start understanding the true purpose of life, and you will return to your place of clarity and truth. We love to love and be loved. Loving yourself and others can be easy, effortless and natural.

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