Local cell phone creation surpasses imports


ISLAMABAD: The country manufactured 12.27 million mobile phones compared to the imports of 8.29m sets during the primary seven months of 2021, data released by the Pakistan Telecomm­unic­ation Authority (PTA) showed on Thursday.

However, 2G compatible sets still dominate local manufacturing compared to smartphones production within the country.

Out of the 12.27m mobile phones locally manufactured between January and July, only 4.87m were 4G compatible smartphones, whereas the majority of seven .4m mobile phones sets were 2G technology.

Responding to a question , a manufacturer said the trend was changing and therefore the ratio between the smartphones and old 2G technology-based sets will narrow within the coming months. “In the year 2020, only 2.06m smartphones were manufactured in Pakistan against 10.98m 2G sets. This year, almost 5m smart phones have already been unrolled and therefore the gap with 2G sets isn’t too wide,” said Amir Allahwala, the CEO of Tecno.

PTA hails conducive policies for growing production in Pakistan

While the PTA has said that the successful implementation of Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) and conducive government policies including the mobile manufacturing policy has created a favourable environment for mobile device manufacturing in Pakistan.

The PTA said a mobile ecosystem has been implemented in Pakistan by eliminating counterfeit device market providing A level playing field for commercial entities. This has created trust amongst consumers thanks to the formulation of standardised legal channels for all kinds of device imports, it added.

The authority said the Mobile Device Manufacturing (MDM) Regulations of January 2021 encouraged manufacturers to determine their units in Pakistan.

Till now, 26 companies are issued MDM authorisation enabling them to manufacture mobile devices in Pakistan. These include renowned brands like Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, Tecno, Infinix, Vgotel, Q-mobile etc.

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