LOC – Shaloo Butta Event: Indian Media’s War Hysteria Exposed



This is not the first time that Pakistan is accused of malicious activities at LOC. But who is working behind the stage to sabotage the process of CBMs every time, when there is something related to talks between high officials of two countries. Indian Media exposed once again with its war hysteria against its neighbor, Pakistan.

Indian Military in coordination with its Indian Media, once again escalating the tensions at LOC. This time around, a slanderous accusation about Pakistan Armed forces capturing a village and occupying it.  Indian Media is portraying the situation in such a manner as Pakistan has violated the seize-fire and now have “infiltrated” into Indian Occupied Kashmir.

PKKH explored and investigated the situation and found out that the situation is a portrayal of war mongering, unethical reporting and feeding the masses with misinformation about their neighbor in a time when PMs of two countries are having a side line meeting.


After few days of quiet approach on LOC, Indian media’s war hysteria is again loud and clear today. Few hours back Indian TV channels reported that Pakistani irregular and special force personnel have captured a village of Shala Bhata near LOC and the Indian troops were engaged in MURDEROUS fight to clear that village.

What is the Reality?

PKKH contacted and managed to get the notion of civilians of surrounding, “Baba Jamal”, a well known civilian of the area, told PKKH the actual situation on ground.

And as it was perceived, the complete report of Indian media is based on facts that doesn’t relate to the world of reality. PKKH discovered that the actual name of this village is Shaloo Butta not Shala Bhata and it’s not in India, its well within the Pakistani Area and near the Pakistani post.  According to Baba Jamal, no movement of Pakistani armed forces was observed today as reported by Indian Media.

PKKH further investigated the matter, below is the image taken from Google maps, with proper coordinates of the area. One can easily observe that location of Pakistani post, the village which was abandoned long ago by its inhabitants due to its location at LOC and the location of Indian post across the de facto border on the other side of LOC.


Following are the coordinates of the village, Pakistani post and Indian post that can be checked on any of the online maps.

Village Shaloo Butta

Latitude: 34 39 50.96

Longitude: 74 08 32.14

Shaloo Pak Post

Latitude: 34 39 56.41

Longitude: 74 08 20.27

Indian Post

Latitude: 34 39 45.65

Longitude: 74 08 57.13


The above coordinates and location from the map not only explain the actual situation but also depict, that it might have happened that Indian’s tried to infiltrate at Pakistani side and Pakistani forces retaliated in return, positioning itself even more closer to the de facto border. Which Indian media is portraying as a “shadow village”.

Food for thought:

This is not the first time when Indian media on the feeding of false intelligence reports from Indian security establishment created war hysteria and produced reports which in the end brought nothing but embarrassment for Indians. The other issue is the ongoing talks between Pakistan’s PM Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef and Indian PM Manmohan Singh, lately Indian media produced such reports based on the half-baked facts just to damage the process and most importantly image of Pakistan and its security forces in international arena.

About a month ago,  when Indian media reported that 5 soldiers of the Indian Army were killed by Pakistan Army, this not only increased the tensions on LOC but also played a major role in egging the emotions of Indians, as a result Pakistani consulate and other Pakistani offices were attacked in India. Later on it was exposed that those Indian Soldiers were not killed by any Pakistani military soldier, neither were they killed by any irregular force nor were they shot down by any non-state actor allegedly supported by Pakistan’s armed forces.


Whenever Pakistan offered a joint investigation of such events at LOC, Indian government and armed forces didn’t pay any heed to such requests. This need to be sorted out, that, who is against the talks on Indian side and who is not letting the CBMs work and transform in tangible and practical steps? A question which is needed to be asked from Indian and especially the journalists who are involved in fiasco like “Aman ki Asha”. This is high time to expose war mongers from Indian side who are playing their disturbing part in disturbing the regional peace.

Atiq is an IT professional, his area of interest are Socio-Politico issues of subcontinent and regional security issues with a special focus on Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. Can be reached at atiq@pkkh.tv and tweets at @atiqpkkh.

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