LoC Firing – A New Episode of Blame Game from India



Dastardly ambush“, says Narendra Modi, over Indian soldiers’ killing. Pak kills Indian soldiers. No talks if even a single bullet is fired,” BJP tells the Centre

India alleges Pakistan of firing at the de facto border, commonly known as LoC, of Kashmir and killing five of its soldiers.

The Indian media is also claiming through unconfirmed reports that the figure can be up to eight soldiers.

Earlier, the current government of Pakistan talked about resuming the talks and moving on CBMs (Confidence Building Measures) with India; but this incident once again will serve as a halt in talks. The Indian media and Indian politicians are all out and giving statements asking to stop the current Indian government from any talks with Pakistan whatsoever.

Dastardly ambush“, says Narendra Modi over Indian soldiers’ killing. “Pak kills Indian soldiers. No talks if even a single bullet is fired,” BJP tells the Centre.

It is ironic that soon after an air space violation, which PAF pushed back forcefully a couple of days ago, the Indian media is coming up with such a story of an attack on its military post on the LoC in Jammu sector. The Pakistani officials, however, denied any such attack.

Such attacks only beef up the tension between the two nuclear armed countries; therefore, there is no reason that can be understandable from Pakistan’s side for such a misadventure. Also, it is to be kept in mind that Pakistan is already facing severe internal security issues. Therefore, such an attack is out of question; as it can only bring more attention towards Pakistan on the international media and diplomatic circles, and the Kashmir case will be dwindled behind such a hype of the LoC incident. It can also distract Pakistan’s security forces and agencies towards an uncalled for front.

On the other hand, some analysts have rather a different point of view – that such moves can distract the world’s attention from the human rights atrocities that are taking place within Indian occupied Kashmir. The recent events of the Ramban massacre and agitation in different parts of Kashmir highlighted the Kashmir cause once again with full throttle. This is purely an indigenous freedom movement, which the Kashmiri people have shown through their resolve and stone pelting in recent events. Earlier, the Indian forces also faced armed attacks by freedom fighters within Kashmir’s heart, when India tried to send a message to Kashmir by hanging Afzal Guru, which also depicted that India’s claims about suppressing the freedom movement were all based on suppressing the Kashmiri voice from reaching out to the international arena.

India used brutal force against peaceful protestors; and now, on a back foot in international forums and within Kashmir due to the agitation, is perhaps using such tactics such as the LoC incident to malign Pakistan and divert the attention of world forums towards the issue, which Pakistan denied categorically.

It is to be kept in mind that earlier this year, in January, the talks were called off between India and Pakistan due to another alleged attack on an Indian patrolling party at the LoC, in which India claimed that Pakistani forces decapitated one of its soldiers. Pakistan strictly denied such claims and even called for an investigation by the UN of any such incident.

This time around, India is beefing up the issue through opposition parties and media. Pakistan should remain vigilant, as an attack near the Indian consulate in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, and soon after, this incident at the LoC does not indicate a healthy pattern from the Indian security mindset. A new wave of terror within Pakistan can also be a direct result of such incidents, which can be used to convince the Indian political establishment for sanctioning terrorist attacks within Pakistan as a means of proxy warfare.

A recent book by Bruce Riedel, ‘Avoiding Armageddon’, also gives indications how the US pushed ‘India-Israel military entente’ in 2000. It also gives clear signals that because of Pakistan’s growing inclination towards a religious mindset; the US should use proxies from Afghanistan by affiliating with a country in the region – none other than India itself – to dismantle Pakistan from its nuclear arsenals.

These events are once again a message for Pakistan’s security establishment, its political establishment, its think tanks and, in particular, the Media – who is advocating for a peace deal while compromising on certain key national interests such as Kashmir and the Water issue. A peace deal should be made, but while keeping in view the true intentions of the arch rivals of Pakistan – India.

Talha Ibrahim - is a certified conflict analyst of United States Institute of Peace.

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  1. It’s funny how so called Pakistani leaders are bending over backwards to try and please india. This incident should be a slap to nawaz’s face. India doesn’t want peace.

      • What olive basket? It’s pakistan that had made all the concessions. Whereas Pakistani media is brainwashing the ppl into believing that indians are peace loving, should not be blamed for supporting terrorists and should be treated as friends, indians are being taught the exact opposite. The comments from u Indians prove it. Your own gov creates false flags and then blames it on pakistan and starts warmongering whereas pakistan calls for calm and proper investigations before pointing fingers. Who then doesn’t want peace? Clearly u Indians.

    • Turn left,turn right,target Pakistan
      Nice man Mr. 321, Pakistani leaders are cowards
      India shall continue attacking Pakistani forward posts not only for avenging the recent killing done by kashmiris but to grab the land of Pakistan.
      Bharat Mata Ki Jai

      • Indian Department Of Defense

        Very Well Said!India is Very Lucky To Have A Timid Neighbor Which Does Not Care A Bit About The Indian Tricks and the Indian Attacks On The LOC!!That Implies That India Shall Succeed in Striping Pakistan Of Her Nuclear Arsenal!!!

  2. Typical Paki denials. It’s interesting how Pakistan never offers to investigate the incident, but just denies it.

    We all know tricks that the Paki gets up to….. ooooh, there are only mujahideen in Kargil. No no…. Paki Army not there at all.

    The reality of the Paki monster is perfectly visible.

    Forget peace. Time to make more dams and forget solving Kashmir issue. Who cares

    • It seems Indians love to blame Pakistan, even when a lala farts
      What happened to that surgical strike on Pakistan by lala govt.after mombai false flag.That strike was another hot air.
      Read on youtube India ki tabahi put out by Indian TV
      Indians will have to learn “live and let live” as Pakistan is not GOA where Indians can walk in and take over but in Pakistan Indians may walk in but may not live to go back to Bharet

      • Turn left,turn right,target Pakistan
        India shall always blame Pakistan for every humiliation and defeat which Kashmiri people give to India
        Just cheat Kashmiris again and continue to trust our foolish intelligence.
        Bharat Mata Ki Jai

  3. It’s just political stunt by filthy indians, they can’t do any thing else to get the favour of their people but to start hate game and get votes.

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