A letter to UN, from the most neglected piece of earth; Kashmir

Dear United Nations,

With due respect, I want to bring your attention towards the most neglected piece of earth, Kashmir. I lie on the northern side of Pakistan. Their father, of the Nation- Muhammad Ali Jinnah regarded me as their Jugular vein and Pakistanis considered me as their right hand. However, unfortunately, half part of mine has been illegally occupied by one of your favorite country, India. The people who live on my land are the ones whose blood is quite inexpensive, which has been shed for decades. The crime of my inhabitants is just to raise voice against atrocities and injustice from India and Indian Army.

My streets have witnessed immense blood & gore for decades. They are trying their best to free me from the brutal Indian Army but sadly they fail mostly. My heart is dripping blood due to the killings of my inhabitants, but I cannot save them. I feel so gloomy over the silence of the Human Rights Organizations. However, I am happy that my country, Pakistan, has always stood by my side. The people of Pakistan are raising their voice for me. Sometimes I feel so helpless while witnessing such criminal activities against my innocent people.

Here, I want you to acknowledge that no one is secure on my land. Whether she is a woman, child or even the old. Since January 2016, a new chapter of increased Indian atrocities have begun. I have been burned, my kids are gunned down, my soldiers who are fighting for freedom are brutally killed, and my women are raped and molested but they still stand united facing the Indian Army. I have been screaming for several decades but you have never responded even once. Your organization always helps the countries who suffer but you are not listening to my voice. It is so depressing and bereaving for me.

Moreover, you have heard about the pellets being fired by the Indian Army at my people regardless of gender and age. More than 1000 of my inhabitants have been gunned down, and more than 600 people blinded due to these pellets. Their life is completely ruined, their bones, skin, and flesh is engraved with these pellets.

I have been neglected by your organization as Iraq, Palestine, and Syria have been neglected. However, you and your members condemned the attacks in Paris, Brussels and wherever terrorism inflicted its worst, you always stood by them but you did not raise your voice for me and other Muslim countries. It is excruciatingly painful.

Now, I once again raise my voice for justice, freedom, sovereignty and security for my inhabitants. I hope you will hear and take strong actions against the culprits. I am waiting and looking up to you. I urgently need your help. My people are burning, bruised, killed and molested. Please pay attention to the voices of the wounded and suppressed and fulfill your purpose and not support the evil ones. You have to answer your for your purpose to God one day. You have the power to help those who need you.

Awaiting for your kind and positive response.

The ignored piece of earth, Kashmir.



Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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