Let’s Kiss Our Fear A Goodbye!


Pak Flag

I was built to be the best

Number one and nothing less

Leave me to my destiny

I have waited patiently

I have vision’ oh I believe

I know I can count on me

Our nation was born with a strong ideology and identity but it decayed over time. India started the journey with us. India is also facing the Identity crisis issue, though they manageably kept the flag of Nationalism high, but that doesn’t work in large, because of which 150+ freedom movements are a fate India is facing, Pakistan on the other hand, lost it because of the rifts between two extremes, Secular extremists and Religious extremists, and because of which Pakistan and its upcoming generations are losing their identity. Sitting in Pakistan the youngster feels that perhaps they moved forward while we preferably moved back.

Like a feudal lady, she compromises her bliss as she fears death upon her by the hands of one’s directing her life.

Similarly with every passing day our nation is suffering it’s healthiness to gratify some ravenous and voracious stomachs.

Unfortunately she is burly enough to bear the pain of being tainted and dented. My heart weeps for all those who protracted for a single peaceful hour of darkness in summers and spent bitter cold winters in dryness.

Being vocal about our rights is our bravery!! Show it, or are we too ashamed of standing for our rights? Then I have my sympathies with you.

My nation has the most literate class who form the majority; they are just missing the courage of standing. What I believe is that the populace is living but yet dying inside presently because they are underestimating their strength, they have fear of losing the battle of evenhandedness. Join hands and you will form the majority. Everybody have has their own reasons to think negative but further negativism can only cause harm and  nothing else ,so think  optimistically! Instead of grumbling like beaten dogs join your voices to create a difference. Let’s keep our complaints precise and play our role individually.

We have ample sources of strengths based on which we can make handsomely great profit in the global market but due to heavy negligence this has remained highly impossible. Case in point our geographic existence on the earth is underestimated, which I strongly believe is one of the most valuable asset that we own. For example Lahore can be shaped into the most beneficial and busiest hub for imports and exports, as it have has advantages of all the kinds of logistics. These ample resources are lying ineffectual and should be put to a healthier use.

We know that underneath the soil of our beloved motherland are hidden ample priceless resources. These resources should be handed over to the inhabitants who know how to make the best use of it. We possibly can then generate our own electricity, construct our own roads and buildings without begging IMF and other unions to take our burden.

Pakistan is looked upon as an important country because of its strategic importance. The Gwadar of Pakistan can serve as a gateway for the landlocked central Asian states. On the other hand warehouses could be built on ports in order to store the goods of these landlocked countries as it will help in generating higher revenues. Yes! We can build our drowned nation again by getting united. For which your generations after generations will admire you.

There are two ways of break ups, kicking out the partner from your life with harshness or through not facing realities or without giving or providing any solid reason, but only with lame excuses. The other side is to face the situation with courage, address the issue, and with a goodbye kiss, say adieus!! We as a nation have to face our fears and for parting from our fears we need to be courageous!! Nothing in this world is impossible until you don’t want to make it possible. So gun down your fear, your worst enemy! .I will conclude it by adding a well-known line by legendary Carl Jung “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will be your direct and you will call it fate

is currently teaching at SICAS and is a student of Masters in Business Administration, and can be reached at sarasaaad@gmail.com

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