Lest We Are Late!


quaid e azam and allama iqbal

Even after 60 years as an independent nation, we are, what to talk of riding the tide of emerging nations, still struggling for survival and our future is in jeopardy. It is a disgusting scene, and perhaps hardly any other nation on the world map is facing such a dilemma.

The forthright question is – why is it so?

  • Are we an ideologically deprived nation? No, we claim to be the descendents of those who aimed beyond the stars.
  • Do we lack resources? No, our resource potential is beyond ken of measurement.
  • Are we facing dearth of manpower? No, demographically, we are enviably placed in the hierarchy of the world community.
  • Do we lack talent? No, we are extraordinarily talented as per researches conducted in the prestigious institutions aiming to explore and evaluate the talent-potential of the nations.
  • Are we ill-fated geographically? No, our geographic location is one of the most advantageous in the world.
  • Are we bogged down by hostile weather conditions? No, our four-seasons-yearly-cycle is a dream phenomenon, and provides the most productive ambiance.
  • Are we then lethargic and not used to hard work and toil? No, we are hard-working people who can safely be trusted to deliver against odds.

Why are we then downtrodden in the community of nations and bewildering for salvation?

The prudent investigations point to different causes and factors for this tormenting situation. They, however, set down undisputedly on one thing and that is: The National Leadership.

This finding is no surprise but a towering truth which has been highlighted and repeatedly emphasized in the Holy Scriptures without any shade of doubt. It is an unwavering lesson of history that the nations rise to the heights of glory only when their leaders live up to the task, and the nations bite the dust and eventually perish when their leaders fail to dispense justice, and instead succumb to greed and lust.

In this ideological and historical perspective, the reappraisal of our national leadership is a distressing story. It is an amazing lot of people, found nowhere in the world! They have, in fact, no parallels. They have set examples unattainable in any civilized society of the planet.

You can see with the naked eye that they are:

  • Out-rightly incompetent to take on the challenges the nation is confronted with, but duly capable and proficient to fulfill their personal interests.
  • Grossly ignorant of the national legacy and traditions, but meticulously knowledgeable about their own goals and objectives.
  • Extravagantly lavish while spending public money, but shamelessly miserly with regard to their own pockets.
  • Ruthlessly dishonest in national dealings, but judicious and discreet in their own affairs.
  • Weak, meek and tentative while guarding national interests, but very formidable and enterprising while pursuing their own objectives.
  • Incapable and inefficient to handle the projects of vital importance to the nation, but intriguingly diligent to accomplish their own plans.
  • The ones whose loyalty to the nation and country is a question mark, but their allegiance to their foreign masters is beyond doubt.
  • Always absent, and if it all than late, at the hour of need, but never late to receive the award.
  • Seen in the country only when in power, but would have already flown across when their trial begins.

Now, the terminal question is: Who are they, and can we think of anything good in being their helm of affairs?

Certainly NOT. They are undoubtedly extended arms of their masters across our sacred borders, and you can never ever pursue yournational objectives in their leadership. They can, for sure, lead you only to disastrous ends.

Then, what do we do?

Dislodge them ……..… democratically, lest someone else, THE ONLY ONE*, removes them from the scene, but along with you!

is retired from PAF after about a service of 25 years. He is keenly interested in research-oriented studies on social sciences, especially history, theology and war; he can be reached at khaliltoor52@hotmail.com

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  1. Absolutely right! Political leaders are so incompetent that’s why they were removed several times by the Army. Living Democracy is taking its breathes on the behest of western powers otherwise they have done far more disastrous work that forced martial law in yesteryears

  2. Dear Mr Khalil. Very impressive article, and how you summarized and expressed your idea is quite unique,we need writers and analyst like you whose words depict experience and knowledge. Keep writing. Best regards

  3. Very well written introspection to the state of affair of Pakistan.

    The answer is pain stakingly obvious, those who we call our own are doing the dirty work of foreign states seeking a destroyed, divided and subjugated Pakistan.

    If we do not do nothing you are leading to a car crash… from one which you will survice but without limbs, leaving but like the living dead, a voice but never heard.

    Our so called elite – government, law makers, academics and media/journalist are driving this car straight into the wall or off a bridge.

    The term is Pakistan’s noble cause and revolution has been DERAILED by purpose, by a grand evil design to weaken us from within so your children grow up in a chaotic Pakistan distant from the vision and sacrifices of our founding fathers.

    If we DO NOT do anything we are pushing this nation to become the next Libya or Syria.

    The criminals calling themselves Jihadis like the FSA inside Syria will line up to burn this nation and raze it to the ground.

    The only institutional domino that has “not” fallen is The Military and Intelligence Agency.

    How long before their wings clipped and the righteous are weeded out and replaced by corrupt military leaders….

    We are dying today because of OUR incompetencies and lack of vision because those supposedly guiding us are the instruments bringing chaos to us.

    We will die a lot more tomorrow and will be humiliated and utterly disgraced and fear for your childrens and their children.

    Do something please…

    …this country needs Martial Law, hang the corrupt politicians, academics and media mughals on the gallows along the GT Road and all the way down to Karachi.

    2 years ago we were infected but now it is a disease that is spreading right the way through Pakistan.

    Our last glimmer of hope were the elections which were a facade and one criminal linkumpoon has been replaced by an equally criminal linkumpoon. Pakistanis have lost that window and can only blame themselves.. but in hindsight Imran Khan too would have proves incompetent regardless of how sincere.

    I have thought about this and as much as many will disagree the only answer for us is Martial law.

    bring in the army and stand 100% behind them and if the opposition parties are sincere they too should support this action.

    Pakistanis across the nation should demand justice at the hands of the army and have these evil politicians hanged, these treachorous lawmakers and academics hanged side by side with them. Cleanse the nation of this disease and return Pakistan to it’s revolution. Once the nation is purged the Army must swiftly move to democratic elections with new young fresh blood.

    I do not see any other way.

    We are nation that can be Self Sufficient…

  4. May you all get what you’re begging for. A jackboot rammed up your behinds.

    Mr Khalil – what you so obviously fail to see is this !! Read the comments here by Pakis. The line between propaganda and brainwashing has led to an entire generation of idiots who do not understand the meaning of democracy any more.

    No one wants to take responsibility of their actions. They want Army rule. Why? Because there is a rose tinted view that under the Army – everything will be well (and we all know the truth don’t we). Apart from (perhaps) Ayub – all stints with the Army have been disasters for Pakistan.

    The real answer is not to demonise or glorify anyone in particular. The real answer is to teach civics and democratic governance to school kids instead of Jihad and Conspiracy Theories…… Do that, and Pakistan will blossom….

  5. There IS a (very) “strong” and able leadership waiting in the wings… it is called the TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) — let them take over, implement Sharia and along with the Hizbut-Tahrir establish the Khilafa in Pakistan… only with the necessary “Nussrah” will Pakistan “rise” to where it rightfully belongs! Else, it STAYS on its present course…

    • Vakil,

      You missed the point where I said we want our good nation purged of all disease… The TTP, the BLA, the corrupt politicians, the corrupt law makers, corrupt academics and corrupt media Mughals.

      Lock down Pakistan for 2 years hang all that is alien to what we all stood for be purged.

      Return Pakistan to a real democracy that follows the dream of Allama Iqbal (rh) the diplomacy and courage of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the grand vision of Liaqat Ali Khan and the strength of General Ayub.

      In hindsight if we settle for a new ZAB or even Zia Ul Haq but both working with each other, I see a bright future for Pakistan.

      Mr Bombman there was much wrong Zia Ul Haq but also much right and equally Musharraf until he was compromised by USA backed up to the corner.

      What we do NOT want and can no longer sustain is the likes of Nawaz Shareef, Zardari… And all those corrupt league of gentlemen or incompetent fools who fall under their political leaderships.

      We need to return Pakistan to it’s incomplete revolution shelved in the late 1960’s because of the newly adopted tactics of our enemies including those disguised as friends by destroying the Pakistani movement / revolution from within eroding each of our institutions.

      Let us draw the line now each and all and ensure we will not allow us to be compromised again and agree our nation needs to be purged of the wolves in sheep clothing. We are not afraid of Jihad nor do we distant ourselves from the noble cause or from the true Mujahids but there needs to be a distinction and TTP are the proxy created to destroy us from within and for anyone to think otherwise is a bare faced fool.

  6. Dear Mr Khalil You have,with lot of pain,dished out the real cause of our prevailing condition.It truth and all truth.As someone suggested that Army should set the things right by hanging all the corrupt leaders will not be appropriate.

    I feel that true leadership is available in the country but the election process need to be improved.

  7. Dear Mr Khalil You have,with lot of pain,dished out the real cause of our prevailing condition.It is truth and all truth.As someone suggested that Army should set the things right by hanging all the corrupt leaders will not be appropriate.

    I feel that true leadership is available in the country but the election process need to be improved.

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