Legal action taken against India over fake news network by EU activist


“Enormously damaging” was how a European Union-based human rights activist described EU DisinfoLab’s exposés about an Indian network involved in a fake news campaign. The human rights activist has announced that there should be legal action taken against the Indian Government to make sure no one dares again.

Mr Vermaut who is an official member of the International Alliance for the Defence of Rights and Freedoms, an NGO with participatory status to the United Nations ECOSOC committee, said “This should have consequences for Indian government that has the final responsibility. The Indian government should be held accountable for this in the court, (because) if we do not do this, new sites will be created tomorrow. We will have to act on this,”

He further added that all the countries who were affected by the defamation campaigns together should woek on legal action. According to the EU Disinfolab Report the Fake NGO’s and Media outlets worked to create false propaganda on Pakistan and China.

He commented that this disinformation campaign could be largest maligning campaign ever caught. He says that this exposes by EU DisinfoLab shows that the Indian Government, not only deceived the UN, EU but also their own people.

“Who would have ever thought that this would be possible that we could be so deceived today in 2020? No one would have ever thought that a country like India is dealing with such matters.”
Mr Vermaut said that the campaign could have been fueled by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, but its earlier roots from 2005 show long enmity.

Mr Vermaut showed concern over the quick spread of disinformation on the internet and for relevant authorities to take action. He said that these disinformation campaigns cannot be excused for any reason.


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