Latest Technology Being Used in House-Hunting


Traditional tedious ways of house-hunting that involved the house hunter to jump from one property or real estate dealer to the other have almost been done away with considering new technologies have sprung up for selecting the perfect house. These range from online websites, social forums, mobile applications, google maps, digital photos etc. This makes the whole house-hunting experience significantly easier since it not only makes the entire process simpler and saves time but also helps one to make a better more informed decision.

Considering that internet users in Pakistan have grown to approximately 30 million users and smart phone users to 15 million, it is natural that businesses in the country would take advantage of this sheer number and employ this technology in their dealings. One such global tech incubator, Rocket Internet, started their real estate portal in Pakistan recently which allows customers to use this website to search for their ideal property online using multiple search criteria which then fetches property listings that would be most suited to them. This not only is possible on websites, but Lamudi has a mobile app for iOS and android as well that allows the customer to perform the same task while on the go from their smart phones.

These websites and mobile apps employ very simple technology to make the entire house-hunting experience easier for the customer. Apart from the search criteria, digital photographs and Google maps are used in these property listings which makes the house hunting experience more virtual for the customer. With the help of the digital photographs, the customer is able to get a view of what their potential options are for house hunting and they can make an informed choice accordingly. Apart from photographs, one can employ the use of videos as well which can give one a virtual tour of the house thus making it almost unnecessary for one to visit multiple houses. Similarly, Google maps also allows customers to view the exact location of these property listings which then allows them to assess what kind of area they will be living in terms of security and what sort of facilities will be available to them nearby such as eateries, parks for recreation etc.

The internet has become almost indispensable considering that almost 9 in 10 people use it as a primary research tool as reported by Google. Furthermore, as deduced in the year 2013 from a research it was inferred that 89% of buyers use the internet in their home research while 43% found their home on the internet. Moreover, photos of a home are found to be useful to 83% of buyers while virtual tours are 43% and videos are 19%. These percentages are proof of how much people rely on technology in selecting their house. Therefore, technology has entirely transformed the way one searches for the ideal house offering a more simplified and efficient way of choosing a house which makes the entire experience comfortable and easier.

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