Latest coronavirus updates from around world


PARIS: Here are the newest developments within the coronavirus crisis:

– Paraguay: finally each day with no Covid deaths –

For the primary time since March 2020, Paraguay records each day freed from Covid deaths, the health ministry announces on Sunday.

The pandemic has killed 16,188 people there with the deaths peaking in July 2021 until officials finally recorded on Saturday as each day without deaths.

– Surge of cases in Syria –
Hospitals within the Syrian capital Damascus and therefore the coastal province of Latakia have reached capacity thanks to rising coronavirus admissions and a few patients are being transferred to the provinces, says a health official.

Syria’s 442 new coronavirus infections in government-held areas on Saturday was a replacement daily record. The country has thus far suffered 32,580 cases and a couple of ,198 deaths in regime-controlled territory.

– Bolsonaro tests negative –
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tests negative for the virus on Sunday, after three members of his delegation coming back from the UN assembly general in ny caught it, says the govt .

The statement didn’t say if the president, who had been in isolation, would return to normal duties on Monday. Bolsonaro has not been vaccinated and was spotted several times in ny without a mask.

– Covax gets vaccines to Nicaragua, Bolivia –
Spain delivers nearly half 1,000,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, while Bolivia gets 188,370 doses of Pfizer from the us .

Both shipments came via the Covax scheme designed to urge the vaccine liberal to poorer countries, purchased by the richer nations.

– France doubles vaccines doses for poor countries –
President Emmanuel Macron announces that France will double the amount of vaccine doses it’ll send to poorer countries to 120 million, and work with UNICEF in helping African countries organise their vaccination roll-out.

France also will redirect 20 percent of the special funding it received from the International fund (IMF) towards projects designed to restart the economies of African countries.

– Numbers down in France’s ‘Covid pass’ protests –
More than 60,000 people rally across France against the “Covid pass” required for access to several public spaces, consistent with government estimates, significantly down on previous weekends.

– quite 4.7 million dead –
The coronavirus has killed quite 4,741,748 people since the outbreak emerged in China in December 2019, consistent with an AFP tally from official sources.

The US is that the worst-affected country with 687,789 deaths, followed by Brazil with 594,200, India with 446,918, Mexico with 275,303 and Russia with 203,900.

The countries with the foremost deaths over the past seven days are: the us with 14,255; Russia with 5,670; and Mexico with 4,000.

The WHO has said that taking under consideration excess mortality directly and indirectly linked to Covid-19 the pandemic’s true overall toll might be two to 3 times above official records.

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