‘Largest deal’: China to sell 48 high-end military drones to Pakistan


BEIJING: Pakistan will import 48 Chinese drones in what a Chinese military observer said must be the largest such arms deal of its kind, the state-run Global Times newspaper reported.

Announcing the deal on its official Facebook account on Sunday, the Pakistan Air Force’s Sherdils Aerobatic Team did not reveal how much it was worth, when it was struck or when the Wing Loong IIs will be delivered, the report added.

But the air force academy aerobatics team announced that in the future the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra and the Aviation Industry Corporation of China’s Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Company will jointly manufacture the drones.

here that India sealed a major deal to acquire S-400 air defense system from Russia affecting the balance of power in the South Asian region. The agreement to buy the world’s most lethal surface-to-air missile system was reached during Viladimir Putin’s visit to New Dehli last week.

Wing Loong II, made by Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Company, is a high-end reconnaissance and strike multi-role endurance unmanned aircraft system.

It made its maiden flight in February last year, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

The largest overseas order for Wing Loong IIs was obtained even before the maiden flight, Xinhua reported. The report did not specify the buyer.

A deal involving as many as 48 Wing Loong IIs, if confirmed, would be China’s largest export deal for drones to date, Song Zhongping, a military expert and TV commentator, told the Global Times on Monday.

Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group did not confirm the deal when reached by the Global Times as of press time.

It makes sense the aerobatic team was closely involved with the deal, Song said, noting that the team is expected to train the drone operators.

The deal is trustworthy given the close military ties between the two countries and Pakistan’s need for drones, Song said.

US drones like the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper are technologically more advanced, but Washington limits their export, Song said.

Chinese drones will enjoy more success in the international market in the future, he said, as they perform similarly at a lower cost.

“Chinese UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) like Caihong series also has clients from countries like Iraq and Saudi Arabia,” Song said.


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  1. High volume drone production with slightly inferior technology is a good thing.

    The Wing Loom II is a sophisticated drone nevertheless even if it is not exactly a predator or reaper.

    Pakistan needs to build these at high volume and launch across Eastern and Western border.

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