Lahore Church Blasts: Just Another Terror Attack



Deeply saddened by the news of blasts that rocked two churches of Lahore at Sunday prayers time, loss of innocent precious lives is irreparable. My Heart goes out to the suffering families. I condemn these attacks and call for equal justice for all  citizens.

One of the narrative that I came across on social media is that, Christians because of their faith (non-Muslims) are being attacked and they are not considered  equal citizens  that’s why government did not provided  proper security to secure their people and places and call it a bitter truth.

I completely disagree with that and  ask them to check the list of attacks that took place in Pakistan in last  decade. Are Mosques/ Imam Burgahs not being attacked? Are Schools/ madrassahs not being attacked?  Are Muslims not being killed? Shia hazaras killing, target killing of Ulmahs and muftis of different sects is evident. Almost all types of places and people were attacked.

The question is: Why it’s happening in Pakistan in particular? Does Rest of the world especially west follow one religion? Why it’s not happening there?

In my opinion this attack is another attempt to  divide our Nation and to create further chaos in the country. For me this attack is just another terrorist attack, of the series of terrorist attacks to destabilize the country. It was not an attack on the minorities, I take this as an attack on us, an attack on  Pakistanis.

Numerous attacks have been carried out in the recent past to create difference and hatred among difference sects/ ethnicities in Pakistan, their holy places have been attacked and claims were made by unknown terror outfits claiming to be of other sect or ethnicity. On the same course attch on Church in lahore is another attempt to create division among people on religious basis. With already a great sense of injustice and inequality in the society, another (low profile) community is being provoked to agitate and call it unjust to them in the name of religion and chanting slogans and taking law in their own hands and spread hatred among the people who are living in peace together since ages.

For every attack there is a separate terrorist organization to claim the responsibility within no time and all these terrorist organizations (TTP, LeJ etc) are in some kind of nexus with each other. We are all well aware of the missions of the hostile agencies and how much they are active in our country through these proxies. From target killing of our valuable assets like doctors/professors/Ulmahs/lawyers, to attacks on our schools/ madrassahs/ imam bargahs/ markets  they are everywhere for one bigger cause that is to de-stabilize Pakistan. They always exploit over weaknesses, to counter this  we wil have to stay united by knowing our enemy’s mission and we must empower our law enforcement agencies to tackle the situation effectively.  We must support General Raheel Sharif for  his firm commitment and all out efforts to fight against terror its womb.

is a business graduate, working as a professional banker. He takes keen interest in the economics and socio-political affairs of Pakistan. Moiz Khan tweets @moizkhans

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