Kund Malir: An Addition to the Exotic Beaches of Pakistan


Ever wondered why you feel relaxed when you visit any river or a beach? Perhaps this is because of the soothing feature of water, which is one of the four elements of life. It is also a symbol of passivity, purity, healing and cleansing.

If you are someone who is looking for a beach to relax then Jovago Pakistan’s complete guide about Kund Malir is a must read for you.



Kund Malir is situated in the province of Balochistan, near Hingol National Park which is the  largest national park in Pakistan. The beach is located at a distance of approximately 230 km.


This unique, natural wonder of the world is where the water meets a desert. It is a beautiful desert beach with palm trees on the shoreline. As this place has gained popularity recently, Kund Malir is a clean beach with clear, shiny water.

Nearby tourist spots

While visiting the Kund Malir Beach, one should also visit the nearby tourist spots that tells wonders about the beautiful province of Balochistan.

  • Nani Mandir

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Kund Malir is situated near the historical Nani mandir which is another popular tourist spot. This  temple is located on the Makran Coast and is considered one of the oldest Hindu Temples in the world. It is also an important pilgrimage site for Hindus residing in Sindh.

  • Princess of Hope


Another tourist spot in the Hingol National Park, Princess of Hope is actually a statue which is at a distance of 190 kilometers from Karachi. Wearing a head wear that resembles a heavy crown, this royal rock statue is an impressive sight at Buzi Pass. The statue was named by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie when she visited the place.

As this exquisite beach has been discovered recently, it is not much developed. However, the  beautifully paved Makran Coastal Highway is surprisingly flat making the journey to the beach smoother.

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