Khan’s Diplomacy in Time of Conflict


The 17 years of war along with various things brought economic disability, weak democratic institutions and null diplomatic support for Pakistan. The Afghan peace process came as a hope for Pakistan, as the major player in Afghan peace process is Pakistan itself which convinced the Afghan Taliban to sit on negotiation table with United States. With Afghan peace process going in one hand, the crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Salman came with an investment of $21,000 US million. And with Shah Mehmood Qureshi as Foreign minister, Pakistan was reviving its diplomatic relations with regional and international countries.  In this equation one cannot ignore the historic rival, India. The ongoing year is the election year in India, and all the political parties in India try their best to gain votes by incarcerating hatred against Pakistan. It is not secret that Indian election campaigns are Pakistan centric, the person who shows more hatred towards Pakistan and spread violence wins the election. In order to win the elections 2019, Nareendra Modi with the help of Israel, escalated the conflict to a level where the nuclear countries were at brisk of war. India blamed Pakistan for Pulwama attack, but when Pakistan offered investigations, India stepped back because Modi knew that the attack is carried out by an indigenous Kashmiri, who can no more bear the human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir. And if Modi’s stance is considered truth for a moment, then is the Indian intelligence so weak that they couldn’t know about a car with 300-350kgs of explosive? And if that was the case, then why the political parties of India are blaming Modi for the attack?

Indian Media has been successful in suppressing the main cause of Pulwama attack, the Pulwama attack was carried out by an indigenous Kashmiri as a rebuttal of the violence done by Indian armed forces in Kashmir. In order to completely silent these voices, India carried out what they call “surgical air strike” in Balakot, Pakistan. Indian government claimed that they had intelligence reports that the training camp of Jaish-e-Muhammad was here, irony is that their intelligence forces knew about Pakistan but not about Pulwama. Legally speaking, Pakistan had all the rights and capabilities to counter attack Indian aircraft yet Pakistan air force restraint from attacking Indian air forces, because we know the consequences of war. In another episode of Indian air force trying to enter Pakistan, Pakistan air force, shot down two aircraft, and two pilots (as per the Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor’s press conference), later on it was said that Pakistan only had one Indian Pilot under custody. But as per sources, the other Pilot is an Israeli pilot. And the other aircraft that was shot down maybe is of Israel and not of India as there are no images available about the other aircraft that was dropped down. The Indo-Israeli romance is no secret for the world. And there is no doubt that Israel gives military support to India. If, the Israeli pilot is really under Pakistan’s custody, it is time for Pakistan to make better ties with Israel and bring an end to this cold war with Israel over no problem at all. If Pakistan continue to keep Israel as an enemy then Pakistan must calculate the consequences of it.

There is no doubt in the Fact that Pakistan has won this current Indo-Pak war, both militarily and diplomatically. It was for the first time in many years that no country gave any statement against Pakistan, and pressurized Pakistan for any reason. The decision of sending back the Indian pilot was Pakistan’s own decision as a gesture of willingness for peaceful resolutions of conflict. It is time for India to realize that using conspiracies, like one going on about the F-16, would bring no good to India because the today’s Pakistan Is not the one India once knew. Today’s Pakistan is diplomatically strong and is getting better economically. The diplomatic support is quite visible in US’s stance on the use of F-16 which India is trying to provoke without any proofs and justifications. The government, armed forces, media and people of Pakistan are on one page today and all they want is peace, counter terrorism with new and improved policies. India needs to understand that Pakistan with the support of Turkey and China is not isolated anymore but an important player regionally and internationally. But as analysts of international system claim that peace only comes when it is in the interest of both conflicting parties. For Pakistan, peace is a priority at this time because of the fact that Pakistan know what war brings, but on the other side of border, people want war because it is in their interest. If, just in case, there is war between Pakistan and India, the only beneficiary will be Narendra Modi. Because firstly, he will be able to continue his term and secondly he will be considered a hero in India for going to war against Pakistan and showing power. But little did they know, war is not a win-lose situation, it is a zero-sum game, bringing destruction for both parties, and when the parties are nuclear there is no payback for the damages nuclear weapon does.

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