Kashmir’s water issues require resolution: Minister


Pakistan’s jugular vein is Kashmir because the majority of Pakistan’s water reserves are dependent on the rivers that flow into Punjab from Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Due to their reliance on agriculture, both nations face a common water issue.

This necessitates resuming negotiations as we did in 1960; however, the circumstances of today have significantly altered, and the formula of the 1960s will not suffice to meet the requirements of today.

This is what Punjab Finance Minister Sardar Mohsin Khan Leghari said when he spoke at the “Kashmir issue and future water disputes held in connection with the 2nd all Pakistan summit by students society at Government College University Lahore on Thursday.”

The minister told the crowd that there are many facets to the Kashmir dispute, including the water dispute.

The water emergency is a worldwide issue., He stated He also said that laws are being made to make good use of the water reserves that are already there to lessen the severity of this problem all over the world.

He stated that students can play a significant role in highlighting the significance of the Kashmir issue and the necessity of finding a solution to it, including encouraging people to use water wisely.

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