Kashmiris Homes Torched, looted and One Burned alive

Kishtwar Kahmir clashKashmir- Jammu Region: In Kashmir, following the agitation started after the mockery of Sikh officer, who tried to humiliate Muslims and hurt sentiments of Kashmiris by attending the Eid Prayers yesterday at Kashtwar. The village defence Committees, fired indiscriminately on the crowed, injuring many and killing at least two, afterwards the same armed VDC along with minority Hindu goons attacked a majority Muslim village Kejai, Hindus torched many houses of Muslims and looted their belongings on gun points. The unarmed Muslims who were peacefully celebrating their second day of eid, were caught in surprise.
It is to be kept in mind that the same is happening amid the flag marches of Indian armies. It is also to be understood, that despite of heavy presence of Indian army in the region, the J&K government on the instructions of new Delhi, formed Village defence committees (VDC), which is heavily armed and now reports are emerging, that these goons, are looting and killing the Kashmiris at will on behest of Indian Armed forces.
Curfew kishtwar
A new face of terror has been unleashed for Kashmiris in the form of VDC. Recent events, is an indication, that India is somehow planning to suppress the Kashmiris, like they did last year by imposing curfew and blocking food supply line of Kashmir. It is a tactic that Israel often use against Gaza. Syed Ali Geelani, the arrested leader, showed his fear about a massacre planning of Jammu Muslims through VDC and local Hindu community.
Kashmir is on fire again and Pakistan’s FO is still busy figuring out, how to handle the angry Indians on the issue of LOC. Its time, that Pakistan’s government, put aside, the fear of unseen from India and comes up with a strong statement against the Indian atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir.
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  1. Hey, where is Eddied… see what ur beloved hindus doing inside india.
    As i said before, destruction of endia has already started… these r the initial glimpses.

  2. These were not the ordinary Hindus, but Indian State Terrorist Actors perpetrating the murders and carnage at the behest of their Masters that Occupy Al-Quds.

    According to Gorden Duff, Pakistan is the only Country that can give a devastating response to Occupiers of Al-Quds. Thus those deceitful in-humane racist people has instructed Endia to keep Pakistan occupied with chaos within Pakistan and choke Kashmir like they did in Gaza. Meanwhile they destroy another Muslim Nation in the ME.

    I do not expect any good coming out of Nawaz Shift, that keeps on singing Endian songs for profit while the Hindus stab his back.

    Yet every negative is followed by a Positive. The Cabal is desperately loosing time and have accelerated the onslaught that will eventually awake Muslim Ummah. Sykes / Pico II is DOOMED. Insha’ALLAH.

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