Kashmiri traitors playing with fire


In occupied Kashmir, political scientists, intellectuals and civil society members have opined that the Kashmiri traitors like Altaf Bukhari, Muzaffar Beig and Usman Majeed are playing with fire by furthering the Hindutva agenda of RSS and BJP in the territory.

They made these remarks when the Kashmir Media Service Research Section approached them for their opinion in the backdrop of the reports that India is going to install a new puppet set-up in occupied Kashmir. Pertinently, Indian Home Minister, Amit Shah, in an interview, yesterday, stated that Assembly elections will be held in Kashmir in months from now and that the territory will be having a legislator soon. Altaf Bukhari-led Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) is reportedly playing a lead role in this regard.

The political scientists, intellectuals and civil society members maintained that anyone who will cooperate with communal Modi regime to further its wicked designs in occupied Kashmir will be treated as a traitor by the Kashmiri people. They said these Indian collaborators want to harm the ongoing freedom movement for their petty interests but they would never succeed in their nefarious plans. They said that the people of occupied Kashmir would not tolerate any traitor and collaborator of Modi-led fascist government in New Delhi.

Political scientists, intellectuals and civil society members pointed out that the sellouts and traitors are never respected, neither by their people nor by their masters and politicians like Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti are its glaring examples. These traitors also must not forget the fate met by Sheikh Abdullah, his dynasty, Bakhshi Ghulam Muhammad and Mir Sadiq, they added.

They said that the Kashmiris should keep an eye on the traitors among their files and ranks. They said these traitors are betraying the sacred blood of Kashmiri martyrs and they will have to face the torment of Almighty Allah in their life after death.

They said the Kashmiris have made it clear time and again that no one would be allowed to undermine their sacrifices. They stated that the people of occupied Kashmir are determined to fight for their rights and handful of traitors cannot sabotage the freedom struggle of 8 million Kashmiris.

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