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“Kashmir banay ga Pakistan” is the slogan that provokes every Pakistani on February 5th and remind us of the brutality and atrocities of the Indian army. We may remain deprived of news and updates on the internal situation of Kashmir and the atrocities inflicted on Kashmiris by the Indian army and its government, as our media has “more serious” issues to cover but media will surely give some coverage to the rallies and protests held in Pakistan with participants showing solidarity with the Kashmiris? The criminal negligence of media and our government’s painful silence on Kashmir issue is making us forget how much Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and how truly our Kashmiri brothers and sisters deserve peace, which they have never had in decades.

The 18th SAARC summit was held in Nepal that focused on enhancing connectivity between the member states for easier transit transport across the region, disregarding the Kashmir issue. May I ask, why our government has made this issue least important? Why our media pays no regard to Kashmir conflict? Moreover, UN should intervene and force India to stop shedding innocent Kashmiri blood. However, most of the international community except China refuses to interfere in the conflict, maintaining that it is a matter between India and Pakistan and can be best resolved bilaterally.

Pakistan believes that there can be no lasting peace with India unless the core issue of Kashmir is settled. Despite international pressure on Pakistan to deploy more forces on its western border to fight the Taliban, the Pakistani army is still eyeball to eyeball with the Indians on its eastern border. However, India has to understand that Kashmir was declared disputed territory in 1948 by the United Nations as Kashmiris did not accept India’s illegal occupation. Everyone knows that Kashmir is a Muslim majority area and the Kashmiris wanted to join Pakistan during partition of 1947 but India illegally occupied Kashmir and Kashmiris started to raise their voice against the Indian occupation.

This year, Kashmir day should be celebrated with full assurance and unity for our Kashmiri brothers and sisters, since the people of Kashmir have rejected the illegal Indian occupation from day one and have been conducting their liberation struggle ever since. It is time to show them that we stand by their side. We celebrate so many different days so why not celebrate this day. Not only for the sake of celebrating one day but to show the world that we are with our Muslim brothers.

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  1. ..just to follow on as this is something close to my heart. Brushing tomorrow’s problems under the table is suicide. Allowing your enemies the breathing space to spread its tentacles around your throat knowingly is the height of current Pakistan’s stupidity.

    We have ignored knowingly for too long, turned a blind eye and it has cost us dearly.

    Damned if we do their dirty deeds nameley the USA – while destroying our long term strategic interests, sovereignty and total comprise of our security. At the centre of this is a economically crippled Pakistan unable to stand on its own feet and full taken advantage of by the USA.

    We need a economically strong Pakistan, Secure Pakistan, Progressive Pakistan, one where minorities are protected and anyone abusing the blasphemy law needs to be locked up for along time.

    We need a Pakistan close to Iran as we are to Saudi Arabia. We need a Pakistan which can help Pakistan, stabilise it and support it. We need a Pakistan integrated with central asian states so Russia has to stand up and take notice of us. Most of all we need a relationship with the USA one of equals rather than a transactional client state relationship.

    Most of ALL we can not allow our nefarious neighbour to walk over our national sovereignty and security concerns and above all stand firm in Kashmir and warn the world any attempt of changing the status quo to be challenged in the UN or agree to go to war over Kashmir once more. The same goes for the Indus Water Treaty which is totally ignored by the goons from Punjab.

    We must stand well away from India and any stupidity to give it MFN status is not to be agreed and any pressure from the USA to compromise our security and sovereignty to India or anyone needs to be met with vigorous dissent.

    Damned if we don’t.. Forget the farce of democracy, until we have a clean political climate how can we have an honest democracy. I do think democracy can work in Pakistan but only if WE ordinary people elect men and women who can govern with a real backbone. Like I said damned if we don’t and we should NOT be afraid to ask for Martial Law to clean up our country once and for all or see it drown.

    Only once the filth is purged from within our ranks can we have a new dawn. It is clear USA has ignored our evidence on Indian terror inside Pakistan and her clandestine operations operated out of Afghanistan. It is in “their” interests to demonise and destroy Pakistan so we need to protect our sovereignty and dignity.

    Die bankrupt hungry and humiliated or die believing in a bigger better Pakistan – right now it is as all our sacrifice 90,000 has been in vain because no change is coming any soon.

    We have abandoned Kashmiris, abandoned our fortresses and given up not only our rich history but water to a nefarious larger enemy. No security in major cities and a corrupt foul system destroying social justice.

    remember damned if we do damned if we don’t – stop doing the dirty work of others and begin working for your nation.

    Liaqat Ali Khan when he was martyred had a zero money to his name and a hole in his socks. These were leaders who died for Pakistan not the ones who speak with fork tongues.

    As bad as the reputation army has we know it can give us one thing above all which every mother, father, son, sister and brother in Pakistan is demanding and this is SECURITY.

    Work towards a SECURE Pakistan, and then a economically vibrant Pakistan and ensure the world knows WE are serious about Kashmir.

  2. how can Pakistanis be taken serious when our government is not serious or capable enough.
    Quite agree secure Pakistan, return its economy to pre 911 when we were described as a rising Asia tiger economy.

    Improve our image and counter Indian misinformation and then watch the world will support Pakistan Kashmir again.

  3. Pakistan is responsible for terriost activity in Kashmir .In POK various terrriost training camps are there.Pakistan declare to be terrrist country in the world and ban pakistan.

    • King of cowardice given you posted as Ali Ahmed at 1:14 pm on the 11th Feb is always a pleasure to sit back and see Hindu RSD best Internet trolls at work.

      You people have no spine just swath from the mouth, very rabid people.

      Too much smoke but no fire and you are the same year on year decade after decade… This is your “historic” character shallow two faced deceitful fools with a major complex.

  4. Dear you might true somewhere . coodtiinn of kashmiris is really painfull there must be an idea to bring them out of that hell but every where you have found only one culprit that is not fair . second thing i will object from your coloumn is you told hindus blocked their way , it was happened only once and you know but was the cause behind that.

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