Kashmir settlement a prerequisite for durable peace: PM


ISLAMABAD: Head administrator Imran Khan repeated on Monday that an only settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir question as per the UN Security Council goals and the desires of the Kashmiri public stayed an essential for sturdy harmony and dependability in South Asia.

Conversing with Ambassador Yousef Aldoubeay, the Special Envoy of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for Jammu and Kashmir, who approached him here, Imran hailed the fearless help of the Ummah to the simply battle of the Kashmiri individuals for their basic right to self-assurance.

Imran featured the outrages being submitted by India in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), with more than 900,000 soldiers sent in the involved region making it the most hostile area on the planet.

He highlighted that the unlawful and one-sided activities of India since August 5, 2019, were pointed toward disappointing the Kashmiris and adjusting the segment design of IIOJK to change over it into a Hindu overwhelmed domain.

“These illicit activities are in clear infringement of the important UN Security Council goals and worldwide law, including the fourth Geneva Convention,” the leader focused. He likewise called for the arrangement of helpful help and help to individuals of IIOJK.

The head administrator highlighted the earnest need to permit admittance to the OIC, the United Nations, basic liberties associations, and the worldwide media to visit IIOJK and lead-free examinations concerning the denials of basic freedoms.

He encouraged the Islamic world to produce a more prominent solidarity against the difficulties presented by the fanatic political philosophies stirring up Islamophobia. He additionally underlined the basic of serene goal of global contentions and longstanding debates, including Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine.

The OIC’s unique emissary, alongside OIC Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Tarig Bakhit and other senior authorities from the OIC, is visiting Pakistan and the Azad Jammu and Kashmir from 7-12 November 2021 to embrace a direct appraisal of the circumstance in the IIOJK.

Prior on Monday, Ambassador Aldoubeay, alongside the OIC appointment met with Foreign Secretary Sohail Mahmood and got a report on the circumstance in the IIOJK. Envoy Aldoubeay emphasized OIC’s withstanding fortitude and backing to the real Kashmiri battle.

Inviting the unique emissary, the unfamiliar secretary highlighted that the visit reaffirmed the OIC’s undaunted help to the simply battle of the Kashmiri individuals for their natural right to self-assurance.

On the common liberties circumstance in the IIOJK, the unfamiliar secretary focused on that since its illicit and one-sided activities of August 5, 2019, India had denied every single crucial right and opportunities to the Kashmiris, kept the authentic Kashmiri initiative and killed, damaged and immediately executed and tormented Kashmiris on a mass scale.

The Covid-19 pandemic had transformed the desperate circumstance into a grave helpful emergency, the secretary said. He added that the exclusionist approaches being sought after by the RSS-BJP allotment mirrored their philosophical plan of building up a Hindu Rashtra.

The unfamiliar secretary said that ensuing advances taken by India in IIOJK incorporated the issuance of over 4.2 million residences to Indian residents, which were intended to disappoint the Kashmiris and to transform the Muslim larger part of the IIOJK into a Hindu ruled domain.

“These activities are in clear infringement of the significant UN Security Council goals and worldwide law, including the fourth Geneva Convention,” he said. The Indian activities in IIOJK, he cautioned, represented a genuine danger to territorial harmony and dependability.

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